Night fishing for carp in the summer

This is a rather troublesome task and requires special training. Therefore, it is necessary to tell in more detail.

First of all, for 3 to 4 days is needed to bait a promising place. They are usually 2 — 3 and must be noted by buoys, disguised as sticks, twigs, etc. If the pond is frequented by fishermen, I usually privedennyh places Jack up two or three reed — this is for finding the right plot is enough.

The bait should be placed in small amounts in the 20-30 cm from the vegetation, as it comes here to feed in the night large carp. The depth here sometimes reaches 20 to 30 cm, but do not let that bother…

One day while fishing, long before dawn, I heard a strange noise in the reeds… my First thought was ducks. But, looking closely, saw large carp actively feeding in the shallows.

As in fishing from the shore and from a boat, the best tackle will float rod. The floats need the light, when casting the devil noisily fall on the water. Better to paint them all white. Nice to put on the antenna and the glow of the nozzle, however, it does not always help…

Somehow I had to catch the night on the big lake. Darkness and quiet were quickly gathering over the lake. The water was absolutely calm, around — the slightest blow. But soon mysterious night noises crept along the reeds. Here, almost next door, it was her biggest fish… Then someone, stepping, crackled in the reeds Snorted and stopped…… Again a powerful surge… the Night life was in full swing.

As I have not looked in the faint glow of the float, but he’s more into darkness. Sail closer you can scare off the fish. Because the depth under the boat is only two feet! But such course of events was provided. I quickly potmetal the line, removed the float and left only two small pieces, moving them away from the hook, centimeters on 50.

After casting nozzle I left a light slack fishing line and recorded it on Board the boat with a ball of ordinary window putty, painted white. Now, when you bite, the fish can easily take it with the side of the boat, which is clearly seen even in pitch darkness. Moreover, you can even take a nibble on the ear, in the fall of the ball into the water. Of course, that the balls should be much as when cutting they often fly with the fishing line.

Of course, when night fishing, you should have two flashlights: one flat, fixed on the head, wound the second tape to the handle podsachka.

Needless to say that when fishing in shallow water you must use extreme caution and swim to tame advance areas from the clean water, so that upon withdrawal to prevent carp in the grass.

Summer weather has a very significant impact on the biting of a crucian. Ideal are the conditions with stable atmospheric pressure and moderately warm weather from the South-West and South winds. Favorable warm gray, windless days, in this case, good bite frequently is observed in daylight hours. But, unfortunately, these optimal weather conditions are rare. Therefore, we need to consider extreme periods, at which time carp fed very well.

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