Night fishing for bream in winter

On large reservoirs, bream caught throughout the winter, and it brings joy to many anglers. However, he pecks at this time quite rare, the majority of bites occur in the dark. The activity period differs depending on the reservoir. There are many waters where catch bream only in the morning. And some reservoirs in the winter he does not bite at all, although it is there in abundance.

How to catch bream in the winter, if it is known that he was at this reservoir has been active? To catch fish, you need to go fishing in the evening.

Before the waters covered with ice, the bream are moving to the winter lifestyle. They gather in packs and go for depth. They are very easy to detect with sonar. Of course, in the winter to find a Parking lot bream very difficult, so it should be done before the start of freeze-up. Using sonar, it is necessary to explore the pond in a boat, noting all found Parking.

Winter day very well bite roach, bream, and peck, they are very active during the daylight hours. However, sometimes it is difficult to extract fish from great depths. With the coming of darkness a bite of these fish is interrupted, and hunting out the fish. The classic bream on the pond — when he goes hunting with an interval of 3 hours. It happens around midnight, then 3am and 6 am.

In place of fishing it is desirable to leave before lunch. First you need to drill holes and to perform complementary feeding fish. It does not use a lot of bloodworms, because he was immediately eaten by small fish. Then all the holes need to sh at a time. The holes in which were caught bream, it should be noted — that there will be holes to hunt for fish. In the evening, when the activity of small fish goes down, promising the holes need to overfeed again.

Night fishing in the winter to take a special tent. You can find it at any fishing store, and it allows you to fish in comfort. First, its size allows you to stand up, and secondly, they are made of insulation.

You also need to bring a folding chair, as will be uncomfortable to sit on the box.

Of course, you need a heater. For winter fishing perfect flameless gas heater.

Rigging for fishing needs a heavy to quickly deliver the bait to the bottom. To catch at this time you can use float and nod.

In the process of fishing it is necessary to observe the maximum silence if to speak, only whisper.

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