New items on the market air guns

At the last gun shows were presented new models of air rifles designed for target shooting and hunting. Air guns will be sold not only in Russia but throughout the former Soviet Union. All lovers of Pneumatics will be interesting to see the new products and their ammunition.

Izhevsk mechanical factory released model air pistol Mr-621. The design of the arms is quite unusual in appearance this gun is reminiscent of the previously manufactured and launched into the production of an air rifle Mr-514k. Pneumatic single-shot gun is the weapon spring-piston type, the stationary barrel and the cylinder mechanism are arranged in parallel. The action spring is driven by the cocking lever, located under the cylinder. Hold the gun with one hand very convenient, this contributes to the small weight of the Pneumatics. Used for shooting lead bullets. Mr 621 has all the advantages of modern pneumatic weapons a unique appearance, low price, simple structure, high accuracy, increased muzzle velocity, high ergonomics and small size.

Will this weapon popular — time will tell, but now the gun many shooters are interested in.

Another novelty of the Izhevsk mechanical plant is a air rifle Mr-562k.

The design of the rifle is made on the model of the submachine gun PPSH. New air rifle includes a large number of interesting technical solutions, the main difference is the electronic trigger mechanism, which is the same as «thrush» and allows you to do single shots, and their whole herd.

In this model, domestic manufacturers first used the radiator from overcooling. Used for shooting spherical steel bullets, the number of valid shots in the queue does not exceed six.

Izhevsk pruzhinno-piston rifle TOZ-201 has also already received enough positive feedback about its quality. This air rifle is also an unusual way of rotation of the barrel under the box, which is accomplished without cocking of the piston. This year the plant produced a batch of air rifles IZH-201 with the possibility of installing an optical sight.

One of the most successful German air rifles Umarex arms plant became a new model Walther Dominator 1250. This rifle was created on the basis of existing pneumatic Airmagnum 850 with the option to use CO2. Manufacturers have perfected the previous released model and added modern technology in the new design. This air rifle eliminates the need for self improvements, start shooting it immediately after removing from the packaging box.

Italian producers have taken care of the creation of high-precision air rifles Magos SM 45, which is driven by carbon dioxide gas. Now this model will be implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation. The only drawback of this air rifle is still a small number of branded cylinders with carbon dioxide thereto.

The German company Haendler&Natermann Sport GMBH, known for its ammunition around the world, presented on the Russian market the long-awaited high-quality bullets fired in 23 series. There are several varieties of these weapons: Olympic distance, hunting, feldtage, entertaining shooting round balls.

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