New generation rifle «Snipe» their comparative characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

After the release of «Bekas-auto» 12 gauge immediately gained popularity, and almost immediately disappeared from the shelves.

At the Armory there were complaints because of problems with recharging products. Cartridges were used from several manufacturers. This was to be expected – if the test were used only high quality cartridges «Taiga» and «Safari».

The managers of the plant «Hammer», keeping the reputation modified «Bekas-auto» shotgun got a gas engine with a gas avtoregulyatora. During the establishment of production of new models the release is not a modified version of the «Snipe» was reduced, but at the same time was increased control over their quality.

First, «Bekas-auto» was designed for 12 and 16 gauges. The guns differed only trunks and geometry of the paddles. Clip on 4-of-charge simultaneously directs gas piston thrust recharge and return spring. On top of all of this is put on the forearm. The bore is locked by turning the larvae. To the right of the receiver button and slide stop. Prompt replacement of the cartridge in the chamber is established by the blade. The trigger mechanism is modified and installed on a separate base. Lock descent is now done with a button pedogenetice. Rib larger trunk with ventilation on at least the long barrel cylindrical drill. Receiver with grooves for mounting optics. The barrel muzzle is threaded – this ensures the setting of choke nozzles.

The existence of different versions of trunks, devices for sight, muzzle devices give the ability to match the required configuration to execute a particular job. And the gun with two barrels and a telescopic sight – a universal weapon for all types of hunting. Device guns are calculated to the last detail, he has excellent balance and auto systems.

We should also consider the gas engine avtoregulyatora and shutoff of gases. The controller provides the mechanism of recharge cartridges of different equipment and dispenses the powder gases withdrawn from the barrel.

The system is similar to the device of avtoregulyatora Beretta AL 390 but, in contrast to «Snipe» applied subsurface gases, which covers the barrel after selection of gases for operating the engine. The amount of gases discharged from the regulator is minimal. In the system to shut off these gases work in the trunk, driving charge.

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