Most popular techniques of bear hunting

Bear – especially a good trophy for any hunter. Preparing for this hunt requires a lot of time and money, but worth it. Hunter must be not a newcomer, having great knowledge about hunting and play it cool. Bears are very large animals, weighing sometimes reaches 550 kg, and the average weight of an adult bear is 170 kg. Animal is very strong and hardy, if you attack people, the most cases are fatal. A few jumps he is able to overcome the vast distance. Some believe that it is possible to escape the bear by swimming, but it is unreliable information. These animals are great swimmers, if you catch the boat, turn it, and the man without arms and in the water is easy prey.

Hunting dogs often take, especially well-suited to the tasks of the huskies. They learn quickly, are endurance and have the gambling type of the character. Usually hunting with dogs begins in November or early December. During this period, the bears have time to prepare for winter hibernation, had grown fat, thick hair and became unwieldy. Bear fat is highly valued, it has helpful substances that treat many diseases.

The best option is to take 2-3 huskies. While two bark at a bear and do not allow that to go on the run, another one grabs him from behind while the animal will not sit down, closing the back. Collars with dogs on the hunt off because the bear may paw to grab the dog by the collar and tear. The shot should be accurate because a wounded animal to become reckless and very aggressive and now is not only to defend but also to attack. Shoot the best in the ear or under the shoulder is the most vulnerable part on the body of the bear.

Another technique of hunting is bear hunting with the approach. In this method, you should take into account wind direction so the animal smell I couldn’t feel it. Sneak up to the bear carefully, not making any sudden movements and often keep a low profile. Movement speed should be minimal. Even small hearing suspicious rustling, the bear instantly disappear from sight, and the hunt may take a long time. You will have to go on the trail of a bear and hunt him down, and this will lead to additional loss of time and effort. The weary hunter no longer has sufficient attention and could fall into the hands of the forest predator.

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