Modern rifle Centro from Benelli Armi, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Shotgun center – this is the result of a complex work Benelli centre, thanks to which it has included all the best features: modern automatic inertial system, an improved mechanism for feeding cartridges, a minimum of parts. Besides being used carbolova strap of the sight, thereby simplifying the gun. Due to all these factors, this gun has become a practical, reliable and easy to maintain.

Self-loading shotguns Benelli uses the principle of inertial actions associated with the kinetic energy of the impact. This system depends on the operation of the inertial spring, installed between the locking head and the valve body. When it fires, the recoil and the breech relative to the gun, moves forward and compresses the spring. After compression, the spring throws the bolt and is reloading weapons. Due to inertia the spring of the shutter can be opened only after the departure of the charge from the barrel. This system has a great advantage over a system with a movable barrel.

The pressure that is created 12 calibre ammunition, easily aged due to the rotating head bolt. The trigger system is smoother, which allows to increase the accuracy. The interaction of the hooks of the trigger increases the quality of the work feed mechanism of the cartridges thanks to the rotary lever. Exactly pivot arm actuates the feed system cartridges. At the time of the shot, with the help of the follower climbs up the rear portion of the swing arm, creating a hole through which enters the cartridge. After receipt of the cartridge on the tray feeder, a cartridge latch returns to its previous position and does not leave the store another weapon. When fully open the shutter by the Complainant, sets the round before it is chambered, and the rotary lever takes the former position. Until shot, cartridge latch will hold the cartridges in the store. Of the receiver acts as the edge of the swivel lever, red, which means the gun can fire, if it is not visible, then the trigger is not cocked and the gun can’t shoot.

Due to its perfection, the gun center can work with many kinds of ammo, but for the correct operation of the inertial system is more suitable for more powerful warheads. The minimum level of kinetic energy is 140 KGM.

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