Mistakes novice fisherman

Finally went fishing in childhood. Have been listening to interesting and not always true, I’m inclined to think that the stories of seasoned fishermen and I decided to go fishing. In the middle the Mall bought fishing rods and kits with ready guns. At the grocery the Mall bought a jar of canned corn. From the words of my storytelling to it the better the fish bite. On any option in the evening dug up a mayonnaise jar of hearts. The next morning, with his wife and children, got up at 6 am and went to the village at a distance of 60 kilometers from the town, where the rumors were fish.

The place we arrived at around 7 in the morning. The lake was quite big volume. On the shore of the lake was already sitting about 10 fishermen. We immediately passed them, and almost all had a good catch. The neighbor, who was sitting away from us on the right already was in the package 3 carp weighing about Four hundred grams and within the limits of 10 fish a little smaller. We have dramatically tied the tackle to the fishing rods and started throwing them. During the third cast fishing line caught on a tree that was on the lake and with the first set of gear needed to leave. During the period of casting rods have experienced constant discomfort. I had a 6 meter pole, and all around the lake the trees were planted. We took a look at the bait his own neighbor, was later a district resident. He had to replace the rod crooked sticks with a length of just over 2 meters. Although how smartly he managed them!

It took more than 2 hours of our fishing, we have one fish in a great huge dose. At the same time, our neighbor did not have time to throw rods. Corn I switched to worms, although the result is the same. Going to the negotiations in district one. Turns out, he was caught in the breadcrumbs, he is generosity shared with me. Another half hour I caught on the flesh is useless. Within 11 hours our neighbor started knocking. Before he could retreat from their own locations, as we took position. Setting great depth on the float, we have the fish start to bite. Although what was our bummer, as soon as the 1 fish we have lost it due to the fact, in fact, were poorly tied hook. Tie came off the hook and replaced by the 2nd rod. Fish like we used to have bite, although the sooner we strike, then as soon as the hook closer no bread. With grief in half to 12 hours caught 2 small fish. The words of friends take into account about the actual fish a day is not caught. We decided to spend the day looking for mushrooms, and in the evening with fresh relics once again to take up fishing.

In the evening arrived at the lake within 5 hours and immediately took the place of the local fisherman. Within an hour spent in the absence of a common bite. Currently came, a regional fisherman, which we caught. He is most upset not only because, in fact, we took quite slowly, is the place where we fished during the day. Again, these same curves rods… And again the biting, fish for fish. As we stood on the "cool" place in 22 hours, and again he caught 2 small fish. Although all the same we came home happy, with a lot of fresh emotions. Especially happy were our cats who got all of our catch, they ate 2 fish!

After analyzing, our 1st skill of fishing we made the following conclusions:

· No need to buy a long pole, extremely in case You are moving to the lakes near which the trees grow.

· Check the bought at the Mall gear. React to the mounting hooks, floats and loaded.

· Before you select bait for fishing is much better to consult with regional fishermen, with more than the skill of fishing. In addition, you must respond to the prescribed amount of depth.

· And of course we must not forget about the bait for the fish.

Successful to You of fishing!

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