Millet for baits

To successfully catch white fish, many fishermen around the world for her to cook millet porridge. Pshonka has virtually no drawbacks for use in fishing. Moreover, the preparation of baits based on it is simple enough.

The only drawback is the high nutritional value. If incorrectly calculate the proportion or put too much bait at once, the fish will pererytitsa and cease to bite.


Most anglers brewed millet porridge usual method: scoop of grits add a few scoops of water. Boil a quarter of an hour, cooled and a container to take fishing. The cereal pieces are laid out on the feeders. It is poorly soluble, the efficiency remains at an average level.

To prepare pshonka loose, it is boiled in a ratio of 1:7, falling asleep in the boiling water. After removing from heat, pshonka have faster cool down, repeatedly pouring water. Strained porridge connect with purchased bait, feeders filled.

To make a good groundbait for feeder, you need an aluminum pan, a package of wheat, a pound of cheap cookies, a Cup of roasted sunflower seeds. Boiling porridge for 5 minutes, the night wrapped up. Biscuits and grains ground into powder and Packed in a separate package. In place of catching a pulp and ground mixture connect. Should have a very crumbly bait, which is stuffed feeders.

Bait for river fish

A bushel of barley will need to boil until it starts to soft after boiling at the edges. It added 2 bushel of wheat, 2 bags of vanilla, a spoonful of sugar, a couple tablespoons of sunflower oil. All of this cook until the millet starts to soft after boiling. Then all the water is drained and mixed with barley and corn grits, 2 merecki. The same add and purchased foods. All night received the lure comes in a pot.

Head of millet

Millet cooked until tender, add a little milk and butter, grind into a homogeneous mass, preferably in a blender, tightly closed and put to languish in the oven for 3 hours. Every 20 minutes pshonka mix. The result is a mass that can be cut with a knife. Such a good head of carp, crucian carp.

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