Methods walleye fishing

Zander is very much appreciated for their taste has a white, lean meats. At the same time in the districts of the Kuban estuary the fish salted late autumn, due to the large amounts of fat, which the predator has prepared for the winter. Inhabits various water bodies of Europe and Asia. Found both in fresh waters and in brackish, estuaries, can go even in the sea. Acclimatization of Zander in these areas occurred with the help of natural nests, and obtaining viable material in hatcheries. Refers to the floor-through, predatory fish. Has sharp teeth and strong jaws. On the fins are the rows of dots. An obvious feature of a walleye is its black stripes on the back and stomach. When fishing this fish should be flavorful enough to the dorsal fin he’s got spikes, after which the wound will bother for a long time.

Has good growth, but specimens in the first year of life may reach a weight of 150 grams, and the fourth year of life the fish is about 3 kg with a length of two feet. For spawning, the important parameters are oxygen and water transparency and depth, which should be at least 0.5 meters. Walleye spawning begins in three to four years of age. Quite a fruitful species of fish, 500 grams of caviar female walleye is about 150 thousand berries. A laying female walleye in waters with a sandy bottom for the eggs, breaks fossa, which can reach 1 meter in diameter. Spawning takes place in may and lasts until June, in the coastal areas starts in March and April. Development of embryos lasts 140 days. Hatched larvae have a yolk SAC that is absorbed in the course of a week, and then a small pike begin to feed on the zooplankton. And only achieving 3-4 cm, moving in a predatory way of eating.

Fishing for walleye is bottom, float rod and spinning reel, it is possible using the spinner. Often perch catches, alley, and is located in the same area with the ASP, which behaves noisily tossing up her on the water. Also for reference you can take a flock of seagulls that would pick up the muted bleak.

When fishing for perch with a spinning rod is the best transaction that is done with pauses of a few seconds using spinning and baitcasting reels. Desirable thin fishing line to monofilament, it is easier to implement casts. All bait when fishing for walleye, shall conform to the sizes and shapes, the fish, which he likes to feed. To make fishing better on slow posting, that would be a feeling of wounded, sick fish. The bottom is better to choose small and rocky.

When using rods with floatfishing for walleye is best done by releasing the snap-drift and pulling up to itself. In this case, the float should be loaded, the leash is made of soft fishing line and one hook. Hooking is not immediately necessary, as the prey perch is not fast swallows, in spite of this, you should wait a couple of seconds. Big walleye feeds at night or early in the morning.

With winter fishing it is better to catch the Gerlich. Focusing on the shoals of bream as the predator to hunt him and gets hooked on pretty small parcels. In winter you can use the spoon with long spinners at the end wide. It is also necessary to make an oscillatory motion, forcing him to play a jig to the bottom. The bite in this case, feel the vibration in the hand or there is a feeling of burden.

The imitation fish is also equipped with leashes of twine and one or two hooks, to ensure easy exit checkbox. Place them 20 metres down the sidelines or holes, can be arranged exactly or randomly, depending on the bottom topography. If a long period there are no strikes and flags do not rise, they need to move to another place. Another way out of the situation when there is no long bites, you can use a spoon. Drilling a hole to play a spinner, which would trigger a fish’s predatory instinct.

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