Methods of hunting hare

Hunters are practicing many ways of hunting the hare in the woods and wilderness, but the most common is by way of hunting for a hare with a dog and a gun. Trained dog helps the hunter in certain situations, even better than weapons because it can drive the prey to the point in which it will be convenient to shoot the man. A less common type of hunting is the hunting of the hare in the steppe. Hares can often be found in ravines, hollows, fields and bushes. The above two kind of hunting is best carried out or the first snow or chemotroph because the level of production of rabbits will be the maximum. But chemotroph should only hunt when there is no frost, otherwise the rabbit you will be missed. If you are in a forest, and there is frost, the dog should be avoided. In the cold the animal will quickly freeze and will simply refuse to look for prey. Yes, and the slightest rustle in freezing weather spreads to a great distance, so the chances to catch a hare small. When there is deep snow, the dog is also not needed while hunting because her feet will fail and fade, and the sound of skis hunter will be heard from a distance to the hare. However, this state of nature need to be hunting at night under the moon, and at this time, the hunter can see the usual life of the victim. If you are hunting in the woods on a hare, you need to find the haystack and the hare beside him. Now you can easily ambush. However, even experienced hunters are sometimes unable to take a shot at the victim even from a distance of several meters, because the night life of the production is mesmerizing. When night hunting when the moon is at hare field, then the type of hunting you also need a haystack that is popular with birds. If you manage to kill one animal, do not rush him immediately to go because there might be other rabbits, which you’ll spook. The best time for hunting hare with the moon is the end of December — beginning of February. To properly hunt in a haystack, or omet with straw, you need a few days before hunting to check the approximate time of occurrence of hares around the chosen point. Some haystacks are popular among animals in the West or dawn, and some late at night. This will allow the hunter to avoid wasting time with the ambush on a hare. The hunter can be located or on top of the stack, or the bottom, but on top of the hunter there is a greater view of the area. For this type of hunting takes endurance, because the hunter may need to spend a few hours in absolute silence, so as not to startle the hare. Near the haystack to throw small bundles of straw to make the hare on the road to haystack interested in them. Do not rush to shoot, because the hare ends at a certain point, vigilance, and play the hunter on the arm. More difficult to hunt in the woods at night on a hare, because there is no possibility to strongly insulate the ambush site. Often hunters have to sit near the tree trunk and waiting hours for the moment when Whitey come to a haystack. Until, as the hunter goes hunting, he finds in the forest section of several trails of footprints, and that’s where he spreads the branches of the aspen. The next day the hunter need to check out these branches, and if they found traces of a hare, you should go hunting. It is worth remembering that in the forest I heard is much higher than in the field, and it does not play into the hands of the hunter, but if you follow all the intricacies of hunting the hare, you can always find prey.

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