Methods of hunting and shooting of geese in the spring

Methods of hunting and shooting of geese in the spring

We all know that goose is one of the most coveted trophies for many hunters. And experienced hunters believe that goose hunting in the spring is one of the most exciting hunts. In order for the results of the hunt exceeded all expectations and left impressions for the whole year, each hunter must know the characteristics and habits of game.

Despite the fact that with the onset of spring the nature wakes up and blossoms, and with it wakes up the whole animal world, the variety of game for the spring hunting season of a small, and the season lasts long enough. This is due to the fact that hunting many types of game in the spring time to be under the legislative ban. With the exception of the geese, grouse, drakes, grouse and woodcock. In our country spring goose hunting is to be conducted at a time when these birds make their flight from winter, to a warmer. Geese make stops in the process of their flight, outside the cities. And it is in these places, as a rule, is arranged a spring hunting.

The use of profiles and stuffed animals

Methods of hunting and shooting of geese in the spring

The success of the spring hunt may depend on several reasons. In the first place is the accuracy and agility of the hunter, correctly chosen place for hunting and hunter knowledge about the habits and peculiarities of the game. Experts believe that the hunting of geese is the most complex process in the whole practice of hunting. This is because, despite its apparent simplicity, the goose is by nature very cautious and smart. And therefore, without a properly and carefully selected disguise, using various devices and profiles, to achieve their results can be quite difficult. It is believed that special attention should be paid to the organization of the blind. It should be selected and designed in such a way that as little as possible to stand out from the background of nature. Not unnecessary, this may be the use of a ghillie suit.

It is believed that the greater the number of various special equipment for goose hunting, the more successful the entire West. Stuffed and profiles in the amount of 15-30 pieces are located around the perimeter of the pond. They are located around the perimeter of the hunting zone, in small groups, which are located from each other at a distance of three to five meters. Optimal placement of the profiles is considered to be situated at a slight angle, to ensure that birds can see them from any point of view.

Methods otstraivanie geese

Methods of hunting and shooting of geese in the spring

Today, hunters use several options of shooting geese in the spring. The first of them is shooting while flying to the feeding places or to the water with a feeding ground. This method of shooting were due to the fact that in the process of overshooting beyond the city limits, the birds have a very clear agenda, which is based on feeding. In the morning, at dawn birds fly over the pond and head for the fields or other places in search of food. After a few hours, they return to their permanent nesting sites located on the water. If not too lazy to organize preliminary surveillance and reconnaissance feathered trophies, in the future these steps can greatly help in determining the exact location of the birds in the fields or in the water. It is based on such information, hunters and choose places and ways of shooting.

Spring hunting of geese on arable land, also includes the conduct of a preliminary investigation, which determined place, which is the utility bills. Upon detection of such field, determine the time of arrival and departure of birds. Not unnecessary for the organization of shooting in a place like this would be the construction of a pit. To build a blind best under the bushes and cover it up appropriately at a time when the birds are on the pond.

Perfect time for shooting may be the time when birds are resting after feeding on a reservoir. If intelligence was able to find a place, care must be taken to put in there profile or Manne birds.

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