Methods of heating in winter

Need for ice fishing umbrella? The beginner will say no. Experienced fisherman agree that need. Because «umbrella» in the slang of the fans of ice fishing is a tent of the umbrella type. What are the pros and cons of this tent and why is it necessary?

The first and main advantage is the ability to put the umbrella in minutes. Those who are afraid of strong wind (rightly so) don’t worry there are mounts for fixing the tent on the ice.

Another advantage of this tent is the lack of sex. For those who don’t go camping, it is not clear sometimes is not known. Standard tent has a floor. The tourists still use the litter, sleeping bags and other things, but the floor of the tent is. When it comes to the umbrella, there is no floor. So what’s the advantage? The tent can be put directly over the hole. Even if the canopy is open, but stand she will be entering against the wind… to be in it a lot warmer than just «sitting on ice». Those anglers who have experience of ice fishing… it is Well known in practice as it can be cold. They have to sit for hours on the windswept ice surface and almost no traffic.

The third and equally important point. This tent can be used for heating. If you close the canopy, enough to light a candle. Recommended paraffin. Here gas burners and petrol use is extremely reasonable. You have to understand that the placement of tents is very limited. So it’s easy to burn out the oxygen and gain carbon dioxide and to poisoning. Paraffin candle best solution. Although as an option you can use the alcohol for heating. Do not take internally and to use the alcohol burner. Something like that was in the classroom at school.

Buy umbrella very easily. It costs in the store from 2000 rubles. Only it is necessary to choose a case. To make it easier to transport to the fishing spot. It’s not even in the transportation. We must understand that the fisherman still need to reach the place where he will catch a fish. Of course to carry things should be comfortable and relatively easy.

What are the main mistakes beginners make, buying a tent-umbrella? They believe that completely protect themselves from the cold. Although this view is mistaken. To stay warm, we need two points of support. First under the spot where we sit. Often use a box of fishing (doing seat specifically for this). There are other things to sit «nicely». Fortunately we only pay the money, and the choice of the rich. However, many especially beginners forget about the second fulcrum. It is needed for the feet. It is clear that wearing 2 pairs of socks (one wool), warm shoes (boots is often), it seems that the feet warm. By the way this really is so. Only if you go (preferably briefly) on ice. That is when a person sits down. Puts his feet on the ice. And for a few hours and almost dies… Then the feet start to freeze. It is therefore reasonable to seize a foothold for the feet. Any stand or even a cardboard (although the latter helps a little) better than just keep your feet on the ice. Therefore, it is better to attend to in advance.

A rookie mistake in the heat on winter fishing standard would be the desire to drink alcohol. Rather dangerous mistake. People when alcohol dilates blood vessels. It becomes warm. However, it extends to little time. Then blood vessels constrict again. If alcohol is taken much. There is a danger that people will not notice the approaching signs of frostbite. This can lead to tragic consequences.

It would be wise to bring a thermos of tea. The best option green tea. What about alcohol? For safety it is better or not to take or take in very small doses. If you have the desire to drink or even to drink. Is not prohibited by law, citizens 21 years of age. Only makes more sense after fishing and at home. Warm.

In addition, it is recommended to bring your lunch on a fishing trip. When a person is freezing its part of calories the body goes into heating the body. Best snack can be fat. Often it experienced fishermen allow themselves to miss a shot or two of vodka. Vessels dilate and becomes warmer. Becomes temporarily. However, the man has come… so what if he had lunch, so will soon go home. The second point on the dose. If taken with food 50-100 grams of vodka… it’s Hard to get drunk, to lose control of the body. To ignore the signs of freezing or frostbite of body parts.

In addition to these methods. Always running «antiquated», to retain heat, it is necessary to dress warmly. One of the best options is the quilted jackets. Moreover, they are cheap and affordable. A good dress form in this issue of the soldiers. Cotton pants, jacket. It is recommended to wear knitted sweater. The pea coat to take on a couple of sizes bigger. Then you can wear it under 2 sweaters. Don’t be shy! Fishing goes on a date with his girlfriend. So dressed tights under pants, or even two pairs of tights would be a reasonable solution.

Regarding the limbs. As mentioned above, you need boots. For them you need at least 2 pairs of socks. One normal, and the second wool. Now about the hands. It is wiser to use knitted gloves at the same time. How it will look. If you just need to sit on ice and wait for the fish to bite. On hands and gloves. If the biting is frequent, you will have to remove both. But then it is better to use the burner. To be able to warm hands. At occurrence of first signs, hands frozen dress and gloves. To stop for a while to keep them in the cold.

Conclusion? To keep warm on winter fishing… Need to use all the methods! … Recipes of your favorite «grandpa».

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