Methods of eel fishing

Acne is an unusual fish for our area. She is peculiar. Acne is most active at night, and so catch it after sunset and near sunrise, the bite stops.

Before fishing you must clear the area for fishing, make a fire, arrange the lighting. About 2 hours before the event you need to feed the fish. For bait suitable mixture of clams, chopped earthworms, small fish and sand. Sometimes they add to it freeze-dried blood. You should not use stale bait, as the eel is not attracted, consequently it is necessary to prepare just before the bait. On the hook better to stick to big worms.

Do not forget that fishing is night, so you need to use a PET bottle, rope and cargo, or 4 float made of foam. Otherwise, there is a possibility of losing sight of the tame place, especially because of the current.

Catch eel float rod. For boat fishing suitable three-meter rod, from the shore – the fishing-rod from five metres. Acne is a very serious opponent that has a resistance. Hooked, he goes to the shelter, clinging to the tail of the stalk of a cane or a snag. Therefore acne not hesitate, and immediately pull it out of the water. The landing net is unnecessary, since acne is too narrow, and penetrate through cells or even confuse the tackle. And at night it will be a big problem.

To remove the eel from the hook you will need a rag, as it is very slippery. In a pinch, you can pick up sand, so it will be easier to keep the fish.

For catching eel is quite suitable rod (up to 5 meters long) with freewheel coil, a float with a twinkle and a hook with a long forearm (No. 6). The main fishing line diameter 0.3 mm, leash – 0.25 mm

Tackle and method of fishing.

The most appropriate bait is the earthworm. Skewer him as usual, but it is important to remain flowing tail. This attracts the acne. The worm should be at the bottom. In the absence of fish for 25-30 minutes, it is desirable to perezapustit rod( sometimes bait sinks deep into the silt and the fish finds it), changing the worm. Acne will react to the smell of fresh worm and his movement.

The worm sometimes sprayed with attractant scent crab, clams. If the bottom is muddy, it will attract eels, if the solid – scare.

It is most convenient to fish within a radius of 5 meters. It is enough for three rods. A larger number will only complicate fishing. Eel biting gently, gently rocking float, and at the end goes sharply. At the same time, he may become tangled in nearby equipment and further complicate the process of catching. Therefore, a large amount of fishing rods will not improve the result. Acne is quite active and you will be enough one rod.

Catch eels also use the feeders and zakidushek (with elastic). Install they need before sundown, prokormil the location of the hooks. Place to reset the line should be cleaned or covered with a cloth. This is a very convenient way of fishing.

For making donkey will need about 30 meters of the line (0.35 mm), rubber cord-shock-absorber (about 5 meters), leashes length of 20-30 cm (0,3 mm), hooks with a long forearm (No. 6), sinker (about 300 m) and the indicator of a bite. For convenience, the leashes attach to a fishing line spinning clasps. When problems arise, the leash can be easily replaced with a spare. Sinker you can cast from shore, but usually it is thrown from the boat. Catching eels is quite simple. In the first fastener attachable to a fishing line leash, set the bait, let go, then the next. The peg can be hammered a small nail, and when you change the bait to fix the fishing line with the help of the nail and ring clasp. Monitor the bite with a bell and digital alarm.

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