Methods of duck hunting

Varieties of ducks quite a lot, and you should always know what type and the time allowed to hunt. There are several ways to hunt ducks:

Hunt surges.

— Hunting from a blind.

Hunt stuffed.

Hunt the blind.

The most common method of duck hunting is the method of «hunting from a blind». This method can be implemented on lakes, marshes or small rivers. Though common method, but it is quite difficult for the hunters because you always have to have great vision, know the skills of the hunter-scout, find the right distance where you need to be at the right time and perfectly know the habits of the prey. This way you can hunt the whole day, you will need a great disguise skills and very quietly sneak up on prey. Once you see the location of the ducks on the pond, then you need to be on the opposite shore. Then you can safely begin to move against the wind, so that your smell was not given to you. To move closer to the extraction follows silently, with the need to keep the rifle cocked. As soon as the distance from you and a lot will be about 30-35 meters, it is possible to make a shot.

Hunt surges is only in small ponds, because ducks tend to stay closer to the middle of the pond. For this method you need to hunt for several men holding guns on the platoon. As soon as the hunters see their target, one of them preceived at the appointed place, holding a weapon in fighting condition. Then the other hunters go to the opposite shore and specifically do ducks get noticed. Approaching along the shore to the ducks, the hunters force them to sail in the opposite direction to the man in ambush, who would shoot. Ducks are rarely raised in the air, if the distance from them to the hunter is more than 150 meters. Therefore, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of where you will be hunting.

When hunting with the ambush of the hunter is required to have exceptional patience, because sometimes it’s boring to sit for many hours while the victim will not approach within shot. First, the hunter determines the reservoir is the place where ducks often gather in groups and swim. After this, the hunter chooses a place on the coast with forests, which can or just sit in camouflage, or to build a small hut made of branches and cane. When building a shelter is to do it such that it does not stand out from the environment. To come to the place for an ambush should be 2-3 hours before dawn to duck not noticed the presence of the reservoir of the hunter. If the ducks sleep on the pond, then the hunter could more easily find prey, but it’s worth a pick up from the water after hunting, because it can scare off other birds from the pond.

Hunting with stuffed reminiscent of the hunting of waiting in ambush, because in this case the hunter should also build a place for an ambush. Just now hunter takes stuffed ducks of different species in an amount of from 9 to 15 units, and then makes them stick to the surface of the water at a distance of 25-30 meters. Extreme duck will become a landmark for the hunter who will know what distance to take a shot. In this kind of hunting is often practiced using a special semolina, which should be used with caution. Frequent ringing in decoy scare off the whole bird, because such sounds can tell them about the dangers. To become a professional, you should at dawn to listen to the chirping and cawing of birds, and then we will know how to work with call.

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