Methods of carp fishing in the spring

Spring is the best time for catching carp, as spring is their spawning season and the carp gain weight. Their activity increases and depends on the speed of reproduction is their main food – insects and crustaceans.

The lure

Solid foods should be low in calories in order not to overfeed and not to saturate the fish. You can use PVA packets. And you can teach the fish to a specific location with bait: bread, cereals, potatoes who fall asleep in the evening. In the foods and add chopped maggots, worms and bloodworm.

The use of flavorings is also an effective lure. In a warm pond use a sweet attractant – strawberry, vanilla, and the cold garlic and ginger.

Bait and snap

Manure worm, boilies, corn, canned peas, cake, dough – all can be used when fishing for carp. In good weather you catch carp on the centrifugal pole, but better to use a feeder.

In the spring it’s more rational to choose slim snap-in, it is better to give preference to the drowning fluocarbon, because the fishing line will fall to the bottom will depend on the behavior of the carp at its violation.

You should be dark hooks the color of the bottom and a landing net. Do not forget about the cloak. In the Sunny calm weather the fish can see the fisherman, therefore, natural shelter is the best disguise.

Casting and bite

To locate carp is better to use several rods, scattering them all over the coastline and at the remote distance from it. The more rods, the faster you will find carp.

Carp are biting down hard, so you should be alert. If the bait lies on the bottom, carp are bolder to attack it than the bait that is in limbo. According to statistics, most of the carp are biting from 11 to 17 hours, but this is not always the case – on the bite are factors such as the size of the nozzle, the flow, the wind, the size of the carp, the noise on the shore, etc.

In any case will have to be patient and wait, because the carp are sedate fish.

Methods of carp fishing

1. Before the advent of feeder carp caught on the bottom gear with the spring. The spring in this case plays the role of the feeders, it was filled with porridge. Hooks with bait balls were heated inside the spring, and it was all ableplanet again porridge to mask.

2. The nipple, as a kind of fishing tackle was a feeder, made of spoons, wire and plastic tube. The nipple is attached to leashes with hooks. It’s then stuffed with a porridge or dough, where and sink the hooks. The fish will eat the cereal and intersect. It would be better if you hang on the hooks in the Styrofoam peanuts.

3. Another method of fishing float tackle, which is assembled from a rod (5 m) with the dough, reel and fishing line 0,25 mm. the Choice of hook depends on the bait size.

4. One of the old ways – fishing with a rubber band. The advantage of this fishing is that the Donk can be equipped with more than one leash, but a few. Donka with an elastic band often is fished with the reel, and the length of elastic depends on its tension.

5. It is noticed that the carp are attracted by the feast of smaller fish (roach, Rudd). You can use specially made from flour and corn balls that sank to the bottom. Trifle actively climb eats small particles of these balls.

Knowing the methods and the basic habits of a carp, his fishing becomes interesting and successful. The main thing – not to focus on one version, experiment more.

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