«Medusa» — bait for winter fishing

Every year fans of winter fishing is becoming increasingly popular fishing with baitless lures. One of the latest models «beznasyuk» became «Medusa». The essence of any fishing baitless jig is to tease the fish and make it grab dancing in front of the nose of unknown object.

In this fishing the main attention should be paid to the correct the game of bait. However, the lure type is important. At the time, the huge success of baitless jig «devil». But over time, the fish began to ignore the bait. But thanks to the ingenuity of the fishermen are born into the world an all-new invention. To a new type of baitless lures include «jellyfish», which is a jig with movable hooks on each side. Hooks are mounted on the movable suspension, and posting «jellyfish» they resemble the water movement of the legs of a living organism. «Jellyfish» are produced in different colors and shapes. There are lead and tungsten models conical shape, ants, fungi, etc. Lures can be equipped with two, three and four moveable hooks. The benefits of fish to one or another model of «Medusa» depend on its activity, bodies and style. It is seen that the extended form of model like the bream, and «Medusa» in the form of a drop in the roach. An important role in equipping the «Medusa» takes the beads on the hooks.

When moving in the water glass beads impinge on the body of the lure, making attractive to fish sound. The color of the beads also affect the bite. But in each case the angler needs to determine the appropriate color. As for the «jellyfish», the most effective is smooth, slow and sweeping game. But perch can be caught roach high frequency and small game with stops in motion. The advantages of «Medusa» is that it focuses on catching large fish. And the angler must be ready for it. The best results this shows a baitless jig at a depth of 5 meters and more. In such places actually to catch some nice bream, large roach and a trophy perch. Sometimes the game of «Medusa» seduces even predators such as pike and Zander.

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