Major caliber guns are popular among Russian hunters

The domestic industry currently is not static, but rather constantly invents and develops something new. Over the last several decades, the proceedings are conducted and it is safe to say that currently there really is a good weapon, perfect for private hunting. It is possible to result many examples of the development of domestic weapons, ranging from simple single-barreled variants, and ending with self-loading devices. At the end of the fifties, the specialists have started to develop a double-barrelled guns, which were mounted in a vertical position several trunks. This design was very popular and many hunters with great interest your interest. IZH-56-3 «Protein» and IZH-59 Sputnik became really successful options, after which production began to expand and upgrade, due to the large number of sales.

Domestic arms factories, no day was without work, production was in full swing. In mid-1962, a new version of guns under model IZH-12, and since 1965 has begun mass production of the TOZ-34. Hunters always had to make a choice, because began to open gun shops and buy guns at a reasonable price should be available to everyone, the choice was not so big, but to decide for their needs was possible.

Model IZH-27 began to appear in 1973, then began mass production, which is not as strange continues to this day. According to statistics, at the beginning of 1998 it was discovered that during this period of time issued at least one thousand one hundred and seventy guns with various modifications and improvements. Today we decided to start talking about the gun IZH-27, as thanks to this arms and began producing new, more advanced and modified shotguns are designed for hunting in diverse conditions.

The development of weapons IZH-27 was conducted by a renowned specialist Klimov Anatoly Andreevich. Over a long period of time, this famous husband was able to change more than a dozen guns, many of them have become very popular and are used to this day. Weapon IZH-27 to date, produced in three calibres 12, 16 and 20. In appearance, this weapon can be attributed to the simple option, since even an expert will not say that there is definitely something special. Block of the barrel has several receiver tubes, which can be attributed to the standard variant, also coupling and two rear sight is equipped with a front sight. Trunks usually pressed into the coupling and connected into a single unit by soldering. Today, there are two barrels with cartridge chambers, but rather it is for normal charges (seventy mm) and a stronger version is something like «Magnum» (seventy six mm). This weapon is manufactured under cartridges like a «Magnum» and has a special index of «M».

Let’s now talk a little bit about the design of the core components, because this information will definitely be able to help you in case of detection of any faults. If you know the details of the design of the nodes, before you will be able to customize weapons just for themselves, but this step is important for productive hunting. When you start to charge the weapon, you will be able to watch as the striker plate will move back, at this moment you need with the pusher bar to switch to the rear position. If everything is done correctly, then chicken needs to get up into the firing position.

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