Lures (bait and nozzles) and bait

To attract fish to the hook is possible only through something that makes them curious. To do this, the fishermen use all kinds of bait — the bait and the nozzle. In the vast majority of cases this is some kind of food or imitation.

The choice of baits election depends on the food specific species of fish, characteristics of the reservoir, where she lives, the fishing location, depth, and time of year, of day, atmospheric pressure and many other conditions. It is also important that the nozzle on the hook looked tempting and the fish did not notice the trick.

By the way, in the selection and use of baits need to comply with performance requirements of «Rules of Amateur fishing». In different regions, can be installed a ban on the use of certain baits for the conservation of fish, the most valuable, rare breeds and water.

All lures are divided into two groups — artificial and natural.

Natural bait

The most common are natural delights. There are animal and vegetable:

animal lureor bait represent a small aquatic, semi-aquatic and land animals that serve as food for fish in their natural habitat. They are different worms, mosquito larvae, moths, flies, young fish, etc.;

vegetable baitor nozzle, is generally derivative of the baking industry (bread, cake, crackers, flour, cereals, etc., as well as grain, peas, potatoes and the like).

Animals bait (bait)

The term «bait»apparently comes from the root word «live». Loosely install the rod, then fasten the hook something alive bait.

Worms. When fishing peaceful fish, many fishermen use several types of worms: soil, dung, Nightcrawlers, podlesnik, iron ore and others. Despite some differences, they are recognized as the most effective and versatile lure for catching all the carp and some other fishes, especially in spring.

Worms can be easily transported over long distances. Freshly dug worms for fishing, it is advisable not to use. You need to wait a couple of days until they are cleansed from their selections. Make it easy: put the worms in a jar with moist sand or moss (with a tow). Such worms is quite simple onto the hook, sit well on the hook, have bright attractive appearance for many fish. Particularly well the worms are kept on a special hook with notches on the shank.

How to stick worms

Stick the worms on the hook in several ways:

quite, threading the hook through the whole body:

the piece is placed only a small piece of it:

ring, when the hook pierces his head and then near the tail, leaving the free tip of the stirring;

affecting approximately in the middle (with both of its ends, squirm, creating eye-catching effect for fish);

«top» — mounted with a few worms, forming a writhing tangle.

Every fisherman nailset worms at will, depending on the type of fish and its behavior under bite.

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