Lures and bait for catching carp in the spring

On the calendar the middle of March, the first warm rays of the sun warm soil, the cool wind visittibet ears familiar melody of spring, and the air starts to smell spring freshness. On reservoirs and rivers gradually melts the ice, sending its shards to surf the channels and pockets of blue water. For any angler this means early season carp fishing. Each one gradually preparing their gear for the first time out, and opened his notebook with recipes of the most effective baits and gradually planning his personal season opening. And each of them have their «tricks and features» of catching this nimble fish.

Each of these tricks have a unique history and practice repeatedly proven and has saved the «uncool» situation. Some of these types of lures and methods for their preparation will be the story.

Tastes differ

As we all know, carp have a well developed sense of smell, which he always used when searching for food. And with the onset of spring the need for food increases significantly. So the first thing you need to take care when creating the bait or the bait’s scent.

Many anglers use a large set of aromatic oils, various store-bought baits and synthetic additives, which may be a serious competitor, naturalnuyu product. But this article revealed the secrets of national recipes which include solely natural ingredients.

Solar batter

Very often the fishermen are advised to catch an early carp on dough with the addition of semolina and eggs, and as a flavoring agent to add the garlic. This bait has really shown itself from the best side. In society the avid fisherman, this bait got its name because of the bright yellow color, which is obtained by adding egg yolk.

To prepare Sunny dough we need:

— flour

— semolina

— sugar

chicken egg

— garlic

— water

— foil

Start by adding in any deep container, two cups flour, one egg, half a Cup of semolina and three teaspoons of sugar. Stir the mixture, adding water to form a viscous mixture. If the dough will be very thick — add a little water. If the dough is very liquid — add a little flour and semolina. The yolk will color the resulting mixture is bright yellow, which will be clearly visible in the water column. Stir to a state of complete readiness, then take three cloves of garlic, press them in a special frog, soderzhimoe pour into the container with the dough and continue to knead. The finished product is wrapped in foil and put in a dark place at room temperature for 1-2 hours. After the dough has absorbed all the flavour of garlic put the bait in a box and go fishing! It is recommended during mixing to add a bit of cotton wool to ensure that the dough is well kept on the hook.

A worm with garlic

For anybody not a secret that in spring zhor carp most marketable product is the worm because of the large amounts of protein, which is essential to carp after a long hibernation. Many anglers use worm in «raw» form. But there is one secret that helps extract in almost hopeless situations rather large trophies.

We will need:

— plastic box with lid (mayonnaise, container)

— sunflower oil

— garlic



Dug up in the evening nice can of worms you do not hurry to run on the beach — prepare for a more successful fishing.

In a plastic bag to half fill the soft soil. After that, drip this land 3-4 drops of oil. Then put in this box of hearts, two cloves of garlic over and pour it’s still one lot of land, slightly tighten and close the box lid, after making a few holes in it for air. Now put the carton in the fridge overnight and in the morning half an hour before going fishing, put the box in room temperature. The result is a hyperactive, fragrant worm. Thanks garlic the worm will actively move on the hook that will attract the attention of the sleepy carp. And the oil will give a light fragrance and maintain the earth’s temperature in the box.

It’s two most popular prescription for the early spring fishing, with which you will surely bring home more than a dozen carp. I wish you to celebrate the season this year successfully!

No tail, no scales!

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