Lure fishing for bream

There are many baits for catching bream, which differ in shape, density, flavor. Among them are animals baits, vegetable and man-made – artificial. Each lure is selected individually, taking into account the places of fishing, time of year (time of day, weather conditions, the behavior of fish in a particular pond. Depending on these factors some of the lures may be more efficient, while others are often completely useless. So going «bream» it is desirable to have in the Arsenal of at least 5 different variants.

Animals bait

• Worm.

This is a classic bait that is used successfully when fishing for bream. Caught On a worm by all known methods. Usually, it is used in the summer, in warm weather. Often it is due to this bait manages to get the pleasure of catching trophy instance.

• Maggot.

The most popular among anglers. And all because after a take small fish often stays in one piece. Especially if you wear the hook from a half-dozen larvae – this «dish» has a good chance to wait for the bream. Caught on maggots all year round. However, in cold weather, sluggish bream often prefer smaller animals — bloodworms.

• Bloodworms.

The actual bait for spring fishing. In early spring the bream can ignore all the other baits because the bloodworms really helps. In the summer it can also be used, however, smaller fish in most cases ahead of the bream. To cut it does not help even a replacement hook for larger.

Vegetable baits

• Barley.

This bait is used when fishing float rod from shore or onboard a boat. For long casts, it is ill, because often flies off the hook. If the form of steamed barley surround the ball, he can attract a bigger fish. In the water does not soak the barley, which I doubt some of the novice fishermen. Just fish a trifle easily pulls off the bait off the hook.

• Manka.

Advantages: does not limp for quite a long time, well kept on the hook, able to withstand long-distance power casts. To increase the efficiency of semolina, anglers add attractant — special aromatic substances.

• Mastyrka.

Fishing for bream use corn or pea options masterki. It has a distinctive odor and the relevant main ingredient color. Has the same properties as the decoy, but in practice proved to be a more effective.

• Canned corn.

This bait is more interested in carp, but bream are biting on it is much worse. Suitable only for fishing in the summer. Fishermen use it mostly on those reservoirs where there are large specimens.

Artificial bait

• Boyle.

Also used only with the arrival of warmth. Early bream on the boilies had not been caught, and today it is still only an experiment, which, as it turned out, increases the chance of catching a trophy fish.

• Styrofoam.

Not only used for lifting the hook on the course, but as a standalone bait on the still water. Typically, the foam used by the fans of feeder fishing.

• The pellets.

This bait is made from dough. First the dough is cooked, then roll it from it small balls threaded through pieces of yarn and dried. Often on such nozzle to catch the side rods on the rivers with strong current. By the way, the fishermen noticed that the longer the chain, the more effective this bait is.

Each of these nozzles can be used individually or as part of the so-called «sandwich» — combinations of different baits. The sandwich may be different types of lures. For example, maggots and dough.

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