Lure carp in early spring

When I was a boy, one book on fishing I read: «a Carp likes to eat, so bait should be a lot, do not regret it.» Remember this phrase, going fishing, I cooked on the stove bucket pot of porridge. The parents just wondered what happens to the cereal?

Then I’m like «gobsek», began secretly to collect the money, and after collecting a certain amount, has become almost every day to visit the grocery store until one of the saleswomen asked, do not make a strategic stockpile in case of nuclear war… My catch was not a hundredth part by weight of cereal that I carried in my backpack. Soon the money ran out, croup, too, but not enough, catches started to grow, although I have taken fishing with me only a handful of ground seeds…

Unfortunately, I often see some fishermen expect strew the bait. And a grandfather to my question, why her so much, sincerely said: «Oh, let him eat more.» He apparently recalled the days of Aksakov and sabaneeva, when a simple village boy basket of clothes could easily natyagat dimensional carp in a nearby pond. Unfortunately, those glorious days are long gone, and now to catch a big carp quite difficult.

First of all, the composition of the spring bait, (prior to spawning) is not fundamentally different from bait. It should dominate animals components bloodworms, maggots (good and pupae), small chopped worm, etc. as a binder it is best to use clay, silt, coastal soil.

While fishing, throw the bait in very small portions (balls the size of a plum) and only during the recession biting.. If the latter stopped, and the feeding does not give a positive effect, the use immediately cease. Then you can try to go to another place or try to catch the other nozzle, for example, to change small dung worm on a crank or maggots.

As for the nozzles used in early spring, about whom we have already spoken in the section «Power carp seasonal…». But to this must be added the following: very good to strengthen the aromatic effect of the nozzle, which significantly improves the bite.

For example, I often stand bloodworms or maggots in crushed garlic, dry feed for fish or add 2 — 3 drops of aromatic essences in a wooden box with worms — it gives them additional delicate scent that attracts fish.

In General, when fishing for carp in early spring, especially in cold weather, you must have a wide range of nozzles, at least 5 — 6 types, as very often the carp, abandoning one head, takes on others.

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