Lovely carp in may

Carp – a freshwater fish that lives in the lower reaches of rivers in the European part of Russia, in lakes and ponds. In the second half of may, the carp usually spawn, but at the end of April – early may when the water warms up, it very well can catch. Sustainable carp biting usually begins in may, when heating water from 10 degrees. Carp feeds mainly on plant food: catch him in the corn, boiled potatoes, cake, green peas, dough, cereals, grain cereals. Do not shun it and animal feed: worms, Nightcrawlers, insect larvae, small crustaceans, molluscs, fry completes the list of desired baits. Catch carp usually are at the dawn of well tame places, but in the spring, when fish walks in search of food, better just look him in the pond. The main places to search for food for carp is a sandbank, snag pits with a return flow, the edge of the aquatic vegetation of reeds and sedges, underwater hills, variations in the depths and deposits of stones. Favorite bodies of water of a carp – filled ponds, meanders of the rivers, the floods of lakes with thickets of grass, meadows. Quiet morning in Sunny weather, the place of feeding carp can be heard from afar – he loves to splash and Dolphin to jump out of the water. Of the main places of their habitat in search of food, the carp goes on the same trails, and finding this path, be sure of success!

Carp – fish careful. Therefore, when fishing you need to keep disguise. Bait carp tries cautiously, and at every noise, sudden movement next may then it quit. Also, it is sensitive to foreign objects, so much badly hidden in the bait hook, thick hard line is also easy to scare him off. Carp goes in small flocks, and often takes the bait sharply, strongly and pulls in the depth or in the grass – the food has not got competitors. So fisherman need to be always alert, because even a little is to turn away or cover his eyes, like a fish immediately tighten the line into the reeds or under a snag.

Catch carp in may usually float rod and zakidushki, donkey, and often from the shore. Rod for float tackle used long, strong, with a rigid tip. Snap-fishing rods – fishing line thickness of 0,3-0,5 mm the color of the water or the bottom, and such that quickly sank while fishing lay at the bottom, so as not to spook the fish. Have to be particularly strong, as when hooking the carp pulls hard. Special attention should be paid to nodes before fishing it is better to re-tie hooks. With a sharp jerk carp will stop the hook if the node is not strong enough. It is desirable to provide the rod reel – it will make it easier to fish fish, and the brake will allow time to pull the fishing line to avoid breakage of the offensive tackle.

By the way, the hooks on carp also need durable, forged, short or medium shank, size No. 6-10, and captured specimens up to No. 14. Stinger hook before fishing it is better to wet the lips from the carp though, and thick, but not so easy to pierce!

When fishing from shore without currents put a small sinker, a bobber and easy – to bite not strong resistance – carp hear it.

Before catching a better place to lure – cereal, cake, steamed wheat, boiled potatoes. Later, after spawning, for successful catching carp fishermen for several days fed 2-3 places on the pond, and then during the day moving from one to another. But in the spring in advance to lure space more difficult as the spill from the water the coastline is constantly changing, and therefore it will be enough, finding a suitable place to throw the bait, and while the pile of gear, attractive smell and small particles of food will spread sufficiently to attract the attention of fish distance.

Carp is one of the most coveted trophies for the angler. But for its production needs a lot of patience, some experience and a little luck!

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