Looking for winter Parking fish

In winter, fisherman in unknown the pond is quite difficult to find places where the fish would bite. Ice and snow securely hide any slightest traces of feeding activity of fish to see which were easy to clean open water. Often have to walk on frozen bodies of water quite long distances and to chisel through ice two dozen, maybe more, holes. In the short winter days because of this to fish directly time is short, so the search space of the bite should be competent and quick.

In summer the fish usually during the day does not once transitions from shallow to deep and back. The fish in the shallows feeding, but in the pits, at the depth she’s resting. Moreover, it is absolutely no matter, this is a peaceful fish or predatory. To reeds, reeds and other aquatic plants float of plotnicki, carp and different other fish, and behind it, of course, sent a predatory fish.

In winter time there all the same, but only in a different scale. Immediately after freezing, the whole fish lives in the shallows. Here the fish feeds on the remains of plants. Well, and predatory fish, respectively, floating somewhere nearby. The fish look for this period of time is needed closer to the coast, where from under the ice sticking out of the driftwood, or most acts of withered vegetation.

Toward the middle of the winter of decay and rotting remains of plants increases rapidly. These active processes rapidly take the water in large amounts of oxygen, and all the fish you have will, not the will to move to deeper places. At depth oxygen is not much and feed less. So the fish is not eating, becomes sluggish and biting it in this period is much worse.

In the middle of the winter period, the Parking lot of the fish have to look at the depth of the ponds, closer to the pools and pits.

On small rivers, the fishing should start on the bend of the river and the curve is steeper, the better fishermen. The flow of the river in such places always washes out the pools or pits. Ideal would be if the river in places high overgrown with high bushes, willow, willow, which cast a large square shadow on the water. Directly for to search the fish in the middle of winter does not make sense. While parked in the fast water of the fish requires a significant expenditure of forces, energy, and most importantly — the precious life-giving oxygen, which is so little winter in the pond. A big plus for success in winter fishing if you identify or learn from local fishermen about the underwater keys. In such places oxygen in the water and more fish live near.

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