Looking for fish in the winter

The Bay is part of the reservoir, e.g., reservoir that extends into the land, and thus has similar conditions for the life of underwater creatures. By pervalidus the shore of the Bay or backwater can peck large and small perch, pike, roach, bream. As the freezing point of water in the coastal zone of the Gulf fish go deep or to the places where there for her food.

Under ice cover, oxygen in the water decreases food supply for fish is impoverished. If the Bay receives water from tributaries, enriched with oxygen, the algae will die off in the winter, and their leaves will attract various larvae and other small organisms, which means that the fish will be on the border of algae and water – near the food supply. In the presence of a fresh supply of water in the Bay in winter you can catch pike, Chub and perch. When choosing a place for catching fish, pay attention to the color rising under ice algae, or the verdant coastal sedge near the springs during the thaw. Bright juicy colours of plants must be immediately attract the attention of the fisherman. At a small depth, on the border of algae, you can come across flocks of large groupers. Inactive Chub prefers those sites which are well enriched with oxygen. The perfect place to look for Chub can become a tree fell.

On steep submarine slopes of the channel of the tributary is inhabited by bream and white bream. Do not look for bream under the snags or fallen trees. He is attracted to rocky areas, where it finds its food among the stones. It is here that food is deposited, which is applied over the high tide and under favorable temperature conditions the micro-organisms also reproduce.

In winter the roach is still active and biting well. This fish is kept flocks of constantly moving around the pond in search of better forage. In the bays it can be detected at a depth of from two to four meters. Favorite places – small pits or holes where the fish finds food and at the same time hiding from predators. Roach can be found near snags, which attracts fish larvae living on it. Flocks of roach often kept at the exit of the Bay and the steep bend of the river inflow. They choose steep banks with sandy / muddy bottom. Places with snags loves and perch.

In the middle of winter, when the coastal area is strongly frozen, the fish goes to the depths farther from shore. Bass prefer ruslovye the drop off with a sandy / rocky bottom. Roach is concentrated on the plots with a small korinami near the main channel.

The shaded areas attract more fish than open and brightly lit by the sun. If the ice on some sections open, without snow it is better to find another place to hole with snow cover. On a Sunny day big fish adheres to shady areas: steep banks, under spreading trees.

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