Little tricks of fishing

A strange smell scares the fish.

Any outsider, especially a pungent smell, whatever it seemed a nice man, and frightens the fish. Before fishing, you cannot use colognes, deodorants, lotions and other hygienic articles, having a sharp smell, it is better to use soap or soap with a neutral mild odor. I like soap AIST with glycerin, and washes well, and softens the skin, and the smell instantly disappears.

The worms will be active and mobile if for a few hours before fishing in a box with worms to put used pressed leaves. Just try not waterlogged soil, in which to store bait.


To untie the knot on the thread will help a fishing hook. Useful to have with this simple device, made of a hook. Straighten it, after releasing the metal flame lighter, then solder it in the burner unit the rod of a ballpoint pen, set the rod into a fountain pen. Adjust ready.

Take the time to reveal the first You have caught the fish and examine the contents of the stomach, this will help to determine food preferences of the fish species in the shery. Even if You’ve never done it, can easily see or plant seeds, or insect larvae, and this is will greatly facilitate the selection of the nozzle or bait.

Bite sluggish, and the solid nozzle fish takes reluctantly? Try to catch the dough. The dough is better to cook on the spot. It’s enough to bring a little flour and a disposable syringe for 10 cubes. In tap water there are a variety of odors such as the smell of chlorine, metal pipes and so use the water from the pond. Knead the dough, it should not be very thick, but should lag behind the hands, fill them with a syringe, see the dough on the hook, forcing it out of the syringe. And hands stay clean, and keeps on the hook the dough quite firmly. Even with the sluggish biting finale will be fish caught.

If the bottom is rocky and You had a hook, in no case do not pull the rod, you need to gradually tighten the line, while avoiding jerks, then dramatically weaken the line, throwing the clip to the coil, in most cases it helps, and the hook is released.

Always bring the necessary minimum of tools and devices. To them I carry pliers, tweezers, anatomical clamp, a scalpel or a small, ostrozatochennym knife, a piece of strong cord,superglue, duct tape, a chip saw blade for metal, small screwdriver and a thin awl. With this set not only setting the rod, but and repair of medium difficulty will be to your shoulder.

Be careful that Your shadow does not fall on the water, or camouflage it larger, for example the shadow of a tree or a steep Bank.

From mosquitoes will help the flowers of tansy. They need to be rubbed in the palms and then RUB your hands exposed areas of the body. The essential oils contained in the tansy, deter the flying menace.

Good luck on the water!


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