Little secrets of the fisherman

Silence, fresh air, sounds of the river and good bite! That’s what I call fishing!

Each fisherman has his own tricks. Dig worms and knead the piece of dough which is enough for a few hour stay but if You’re serious, then slide to prepare.

We will focus on the bait and lure.

The place for fishing is better to choose in advance to feed in the evening for the morning bite.

For feeding You will need: cake (compacted waste recycled seeds), boiled wheat, a little sand and clay. If there is no cake, roast the seeds and mince. Restrictions in dosage components no – do everything «by eye».

Then, take an old basin, or something similar, and thoroughly agitate the pomace and wheat, adding a little water. Then there add clay and sand, mix thoroughly by adding some water. The result is a mass from which to roll the balls.

From the ready mass nakataya small balls (size to your discretion) and put them to dry in the sun. Balls need to dry thoroughly (normally 3-4 days).

Here such «balls» in the evening, lure the fish.


Fish sensitive charm. Knead the pulp simple bread with egg yolk, add a little sunflower oil, if you have smelly.

If you catch the wheat (corn), it should be soft but not overcooked, and, in any case, not burnt. The smell will remain even if You raked the top layer.

Here’s a couple small tips. No tail, nor scales!


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