Little secrets of great fishing

Every successful fisherman is full of little tricks that bring good luck.

Consider, for example, solar activity, because fish in direct sunlight become lethargic and sleepy and not think to bite.

It is clear that Sunny day is not a lot to catch, so the best time for fishing — morning or evening. During the day you can fish in the shady place.

Weather is also very important for successful fishing, each season also has an impact on a good bite. For example, for

spring are ideal windless and warm weather. If the weather is changeable, the water becomes cloudy, then the fish is inactive.

Summer is also a good catch you can get at a weak West or South-West wind in not very hot weather. With strong heat the water in the ponds begins to bloom, and the bite is reduced to zero.

For the autumn season, the best is quiet and dry time. When colder or the rains – a good bite not wait. Fishermen such weather did not deliver any pleasure.

Winter fishing becomes ice. Barely a frozen crust of ice, cold but snowless weather – what you need for successful winter fishing. But the frost, snow and blowing snow will bring all the efforts of the fishermen.

Other secrets relate to gear. For example, bream is convenient to catch using float fishing rods, then have the opportunity to observe special «Lesovo» bite when the float suddenly jumps out of the water and then drops sharply. If positioning of the sinkers and the hook at a distance greater than 10 centimeters from each other, the hook attachment will fall to the bottom, and the float 2 will be in the water. Breams bottom fish, so picking up food from the bottom, he grabs the nozzle and as it picks it up and float at the same time. Sometimes the hook to the end does not fall to the bottom, but then we might have a bite when really hungry bream accidentally saw the head – fisherman’s luck. Not to depend on luck, should fine-tune their fishing rods, and then success is guaranteed.

Another important component of successful fishing — the right lure. Very interesting recipe there for making bait when fishing for carp on the float rod. For this bait a carp is very willing, and it is made, strangely, crushed brick, and to engage in the preparation necessary for a few days before the trip for carp. Of course, one should not throw bricks in the river (this can only scare away all the fish in the area), and you must first pour of the usual brown brick conventional kerosene and how to dry it in the sun. Within 2-3 days the brick is completely dry and it will easily break into small particles. Experienced fishermen know that the carp is a very good scent and therefore they can feel the smell attractive at very large distances. Except for the smell of anise oil, kerosene couples are also very attracted to carp (which may be attributed to the contamination of water bodies and adaptations of fish to life in such an environment). Plakirovannyy dismantled brick is transferred to a convenient container and crumbles into the water at the place where it is supposed to fishing for carp. Without a catch will be no!

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