Little secrets big fish

Triumph fishing, as you might imagine, in an essential measure depends not only on the time and place of fishing, not only on the quality of the gear, but from the positive selection of the nozzle or bait.Tasty worm, «cute» insect, a piece of ordinary bread, pea, wheat or oat grain that is able to force the fish to overcome innate caution and touch the hook with a bait to bite!


Under the implied bait: insects and their larvae, worms, shells, leeches, etc. While we must not forget one condition:the bait have to answer the usual food of a particular fish.

What bait is used most often anglers?


Don’t we know smart money? Every day she flutters over various bodies of water, catching various flies, and from time to time ducking into the water to lay eggs.Soon one will appear gray worms-larvae.The next spring they will get the huge size of the cricket.This is known Babur.

Its occurrence off the coast-first call for fishing: fishing for bait.Eagerly take pike, perch, sabrefish, Chub Orfe and pike.

Babura need to catch poplavochnoj a fishing tackle or donku.The hook — through the head of the larvae exit the tip into the abdomen.

Babur stays near the bottom, among sunken leaves and aquatic vegetation.Get it with a net or scoop a little in a standing or flowing waters.While fishing, keep in a damp cloth or a jar of fresh water.

Babur in the middle of the summer goes to grandma, and it can also be used as bait for catching some fish species in the upper layers of water.

Best Time for best fishing for dragonflies, this morning, when the dew has not yet dried out on the grass.It is better to catch a gauze nets or networks. It is desirable to store attendants in perforated metal cans of coffee or something like that.

To be continued …


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