Let’s talk about the rod.

The rod, which is used for fishing the fly must be lightweight, extremely durable, has the desired length.

It should also be centered center of gravity and regularity, which allows to distribute the desired elasticity in length. The choice of trigarta or bamboo, birch, and walnut as a material for fishing rods for fly fishing is the best solution.

Its length is usually three hundred and four inches and weighs two hundred twenty-six and a half grams. Arm together with the reel holder has a length of thirty-four centimeters. One thing that makes to be especially careful is the principle of distribution of elasticity, which defines the value of the distance casting and its purity.

Rod float type bends when the medium pressure level in one third from the top, and the fly in response to the pressure in two thirds. To determine the distribution level of elasticity, you need to put the rod at an angle of forty-five degrees to the horizon, securing his arm to the point of real estate. In the scales, put the weights and tie it to the end of the ring. Increasing the weight of the weights follow, until the ring and the butt end of the rod will stop at the same level. Typical your fly rod indicates the level of one hundred and eighty three grams, and is the final characteristic properties of gronostajowa rods.


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