Legendary shotgun MC 20-01 its characteristics,advantages and disadvantages

Gun MC-20-01 is a favorite hunting rifle, which was issued for commercial hunting in the 60-ies of the last century. It really has become very popular because of its reliability and relatively inexpensive. So nowadays it is scarce.

People rifle also called the Berdan rifle, Amasai or twenty. In the Soviet years, 80% of the game, beginning with the industrial protein and ending with captured wild boar, hunters extracted because of this legendary rifle.

Brief history of

First gun of MC-20 was manufactured up to 1971 in:, and the next more advanced and new model of shotgun MC 20-01 issued to our time. Despite the fact that the abundance in the markets of the huge guns, this is the model for many decades has gained popularity. And for good reason: the gun is universal and is lightweight, has a specific design and a variety of calibers. There are also important remains the fact that the gun is really cheap, which definitely attracts hunters, both the beginners and the pros. However, in the 90-ies appeared the improved model gun brands MC-20-08, MC-20-09 and MC-20-04 (TOZ-106), which, due to improvements become much more expensive.

I propose to consider in more detail the technical characteristics models MTS-20-01, which can be seen in any store with a hunting weapon. Model MC-20-01 is a triply industrial single-barreled shotgun, which come in three calibers: 20, 28 and 32. As for rifles, the standard design concept: a cocking indicator, receiver is made of steel, the location of the lugs of the stopper are symmetric, and there is a tab of the shutter. Compared with the MC-20, it is possible to disassemble the shutter without tools. As for the material of this model, the gun barrel with chromium, a bed made of wood, most of Karelian birch and less often beech, the structure is fixed dowel screw. In rifle there are 2 double store, in which the original fixing in the kit. There are also 2 hunting swivels on the screws.

The gun has a weight of 2.8 kg, the length of the height of the whole gun – 1 150 mm, barrel length – 600 mm and the length of the sighting line is 610 mm Force start a little less than 2 lbs. a Lot of hunters who own a shotgun MC 20-01 note its perfect balance, ease on the climb, pricediscount and important quality – ease.

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