Legendary rifle IZH-54, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Domestic gun IZH-54 was discontinued for more than 32 years ago, but it is still popular among fans of weapons. The gun has a caliber of 12, and the length of the gun barrel is 730 or 750 mm.

The IZH was produced by the Izhevsk Mechanical plant. After the war, they shifted to hunting and sporting weapons. Model IZH-54 was a new version of the IZH-49, which was created from a German arms Sauer. A great contribution to its development was made by engineer L. V. Pugachev. If you do not go into technical details, the gun has acquired a greater functionality due to minor changes or additions to the rifle without losing the German quality.

Note that during the production of the model 54 was changed, and as a result was born the shotgun IZH 57. It is, however, inferior to its original patterns weight and balance, so they were released not so much. But IZH-57 helped their progenitor, the development of a release trigger, which was set and IZH-54. The model gave as its basis the shotguns IZH-26 and IZH-26th. These options have been simplified, but this was done by saving on the quality of the elements, so that models are quite quickly removed.

The weapons were produced in various versions. So, the basic version is called ordinary – and had the only manual part is a little bit of engraving. An improved version was completely hand-engraved and more carefully gathered. Gift were made manually, by applying any decorations. Also one weapon was divided into artificiality. IZH-54-h, IZH-54-SH1 and IZH-54-R2 are different from each other such trifles as superior finish, high accuracy of the battle and others. Interesting models, which were produced for export and they have the engraving was simplified and so was the inscription «Made in USSR». Ordering on the basis of the 54 sample produced more IL sports, however, such models are gathered individually and had no common characteristics.

The decoration of these guns did not differ a special variety. The engraving depicted the beasts, and suffered from poor execution. High-quality images were only exclusive options. An individual number on the clip was engraved. Sometimes guns are decorated with precious metals, but then they could only serve as souvenir gifts.

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