Leech — bait for larger fish

Of course, all heard, one way or another, about the healing properties of leeches. But not everyone has heard of and knows what they can fish, and they are used solely for catching big trophies. For the experienced angler it is certainly not news, but the beginner should see the fishing properties of this folk healer.

Mostly on leeches catch catfish, apparently in the nature of catfish feeds on just them. But other big fish also loves to eat these with Velcro.

Summer to gather up enough of them just before the water warm, although not very pleasant to climb the swamps, it’s dirty and disgusting. While to look, the couple still will stick, but if you are not afraid you can find them in the algae on the rocks, you can go into the water, drop the package and wait, after some time there will settle a dozen of the other.

When it gets colder, to avoid the fisherman in the water has not come back, although this is not a problem for experienced fishermen in boots, but Shasta water in boots can all the fish scare, yet to collect the bait. So in order to avoid it, you need to remember that a lot of leeches found in water lilies. To do this, just quietly on the boat you need to swim to the Lily pads and collect the bait from underwater side of the leaves of this beautiful flower. But even though it is the cleanest way, but still on the water-Lily found only small leeches, large still need to look at the bottom.

If the size of the leeches fisherman suit, and a very big fish in this pond is not found then the leeches will fall in time. By the way they are found not only on the water-Lily, and settle and other floating algae. In General, all that floats on the surface and what can come, I’ll have to check. This method is for neat, but keep in mind that you will have to swim, the water lilies on the lake can be a little and not every night they sit down. In warm weather, more chances to gather up quickly, in overcast weather they sit on them not very happy.

And will have to suffer not only collecting them, but also directly on the fishing. Plant them very boring and difficult. Because of their small size. Therefore, it may be worth and like yourself and look more plump suckers with which it is possible to find a common language easily, and which will bite larger fish than kuvshinchik babies.

But as always everything has its pros and cons. Large leeches is not for the faint-hearted, faint-hearted fishermen will be very disgusting to pick up those fat slugs. But small is not such scary creatures.

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