Learning how to hunt wild boar with dogs

Preparation for hunting wild boar requires hard work not only from hunter, but from four-legged assistant. The most common breed of dogs suitable for hunting there is abuse, but it is also possible to use other breeds. For example: Terriers, dachshunds, hunting Terrier and even ordinary mutts who have successfully completed petrascu the boar and know basic commands. It is also important to have a hunting dog was a bold and reckless character. Choose a dog that will become your best assistant in any critical or dangerous situation. Excessive nastiness and aggressiveness will only hinder the hunter, and not Vice versa to help. These dogs very often fall into the fangs of an angry beast. Well, if the dog has a loud and sonorous voice, she will bark and attack the boar before the appearance of the owner. Small dogs are easier to Dodge from the attacks of wild boar on a hunt can take several.

Discovering the mark of the beast, the hunter releases the dog. The well-trained dog immediately withdraw the bill, which will be to run away or to defend. You need to shoot very accurately, not to get a dog. You need to aim the most vulnerable to boar places – the neck, ears or shoulder. If the boar started running away, in this case it is necessary to organize driven hunt: split up and take positions on the ground, most likely for the retreat of the beast.

Wild boar is very smart, cunning and resourceful. Can feign death, and when the hunter is near, then attack him. For reinsurance should be fired the bayonet just below the ear and gently approach him from behind, holding a wild boar at the sight.

If you managed to mortally wound the chopper alone to rush for them not to be. In this state, the animal is very dangerous, can masquerade as a variety of surrounding objects: stumps, snags and shrubs. He pressed under her and took a wait. The hunter must be very careful not to notice the boar in time, you can to expose yourself to the risk of death as a wounded beast like lightning attacks and after his fangs chances of survival are minimal.

Before the hunt, all you need to think carefully about and discuss with other hunters who are near you. Hunting the main factor is the confidence that comrade in any case will not leave and will come to the rescue. Then the hunt will provide unforgettable memories and satisfaction.

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