Learning how to hunt grouse with a Spaniel,the rules for a successful hunt

Capercaillie is an extremely interesting object for hunting. First, this is a very valuable trophy. After all, a wounded experienced cock will remain a lifetime memory. Secondly, the place where we live wood is very beautiful. It is often the Northern forests, swamps of moss, berries. By the way bird called the capercaillie still deaf thanks to the places she inhabits. Probably the best thing for the hunting of all gun dogs fit the breed. LaHaye in this case, can frighten the grouse, so you’ll only hear the clapping of its wings. But the young grouse can be hunted with the gun. But it is better for this hunt will approach the dog, which can lead you to the bird in the shot.

Capercaillie hunting has something to do with hunting for grouse, only working with signs can last much longer, as capercaillie are very careful. From the Spaniel during the hunt requires the ability to work on the trail, not tinkering in capercaillie utility bills. In addition, the success of the dog is in the speed of finding the output or trace of the bird.

The grouse features a very strong smell, so the dog just to feel it.

Key in this hunt will be staged dogs, it should work in contact with the lead, work to put the bird under the shot. It is very easy to ruin a dog if you train to failure followed by birds, not taking into account of the hunter and lifting them away. For hunting grouse need careful advance preparation.

Long work with traces of grouse are peculiar to the spaniels. Rare dog hears the capercaillie upper flair. It is much more common to find fresh capercaillie Nebrodi than the birds.

Learning how to hunt grouse with a Spaniel,the rules for a successful hunt

Also the smell is very strong, sometimes the dog can hear the birds meters for 50 or more. Strong smell and also tracks. Also the smell is very arousing and hot dog. For dog is especially important full contact with the hunter. If your dog during strong excitation is not disrupted and does not go very far, and leads to the bird in the shot, such a statement is correct. But a hunter must have endurance, otherwise you can easily ruin a dog.

Should even say that grouse are extremely cautious birds. A particularly hardened cocks. Most often, they flee to the mount, or, seeing that discovered, fly though close but not the distance of the shot. Youngsters in vodka has no such caution, and prefer to hide than to run. While hunting for grouse should be absolute silence, try to avoid any crunch and command a very quiet gestures and a whistle.

Hunting for grouse with a properly raised dog can be not only extremely interesting but also very prey.

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