Learning how to hunt beaver in the winter

Learning how to hunt beaver in the winter

Many think winter is a time of year when beavers hibernate. However, it is not so, beavers are quite active lifestyle throughout the wintering period and can be a great trophy for the diligent hunter. This, of course in extreme cold, the activity of beavers, like all living things, can be slightly reduced, but with the arrival of the thaw, traces of these bright-eyed builders of dams are immediately visible on the banks of the reservoirs. At low feed reserves, even in winter, beavers can chew on branches and trees. Hunting for beaver in the winter time can be no less effective than at other times of the year. You can only warn that such production may not be too suitable for beginners as well as for obtaining this trophy, you must have certain skills, foresight and skill of a seasoned hunter.

Among the main features of the winter hunting beaver you have to mention the fact that such hunting will always require much more effort than fishing during the other seasons. Weather in the winter is not too favorable, and the hunter need to cut the ice on a winter pond for installation of the trap, and clear the snow. The advantages of such hunting can be attributed to its safety, unlike, for example, hunting of wild boar or lynx. However, a hunter who wants to get this trophy, you must always consider just remarkable sensitivity beaver. So, first of all, going to fish, you must carefully examine all of the terrain in advance and think through all their actions.

Learning how to hunt beaver in the winter

Such exploration is necessary, first of all, because to catch the animal most likely to go only in the afternoon or in the evening. In the course of exploration in advance the hunter finds the animal habitat, their burrows, and also identifies residential and non-residential settlement. The refuge beaver usually has the appearance of multiple branches of a fallen kind of way. To determine that the place where the beaver dwelling, the pieces of ice and snow, located in the holes on the top knot. These openings provide the necessary ventilation hole of an animal. As soon as hunter found a settlement of these animals, it is better to lay low for some time to watch them. At this time, you can find the most suitable for hunt seat and waited for the beavers to appear, to remember time.

It should be noted that the habitats of these animals are determined not only according to the characteristic way the logs but also on labels that leave the owners of these buildings. These animals are usually labeled all the speakers out of the water objects. These labels are the natural language of communication of these animals, that if you mark a stream of the same animal trap of the hunter, you don’t even have to try and not really to mask it.

One of the methods a winter hunt for beaver-hunting loops. The essence of this event lies in the fact that after the appearance of quite solid ice cover, in places where everything is floating beaver, are installed with special hinges. These places are calculated for air bubbles that accumulate over the water. For the installation design, the thickness of the ice must be made with a hole of small size. The lower edge of the loop should be placed at a distance of several centimeters from the bottom of the ice edge. Loop is firmly attached to a wooden beam or other support. Beaver floating by, will certainly fall into such a trap, but this method of hunting today is not used, is banned and considered illegal.

Beavers, like other rodents, has a unique jaw structure in which the upper and lower lips are closed between the teeth and the lower teeth. Thanks to this feature, the animal easily move under water without the risk of choking. Experienced hunters, who know this feature animals, often use it in the process of hunting.

Learning how to hunt beaver in the winter

For hunting beaver, pre-selected the most quiet place on the water where these animals live, then the advance work done in the ice hole stab thick stakes of aspen or birch. As a rule, they are placed on a circle, inside which will set the bait and the design of trap for beaver. These stakes are closer to each other, with one of the parties to leave a special hole for the passage of the animal. In the center place of the apical branches of aspen kidneys, which constitute the favourite treats of the animal. Just before these branches and is a trap circuit which diverts towards the river at the bottom. The trap can be positioned at any depth of the reservoir, depending on the size and number of the device.

To catch beaver using snares you in any weather and in any places. In winter, the weather plays absolutely no role, because this beast hardly ever leaves the pond and comes to the surface. Place the traps in areas where beaver have paved the passage to the shore or directly at the hut or shelter animals.

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