Learn to survive a night in the winter forest

Very often hunters or tourists finds the night in the woods. You have to stay for the night. In this situation everything must be done to the morning to return home alive and healthy. The main danger of a winter night are three factors: humidity, low temperature and wind. You must use clothing to protect your body from them. Clothes of a hunter should be tight, but not tight fit. The moisture should be absorbed and does not accumulate under your clothes. The outer layer must be waterproof and windproof. Due to the multiple layers of clothing and extra layers, strips of grass, Newspapers and other improvised means, it is possible to achieve good thermal insulation of the body.

Providing the heat necessary to prevent frostbite. Most prone to freezing limbs and a human face, so it will take permanent control of these parts of the body. Hands and feet it is important to constantly grind, mash fingers. The muscles of the face must make a face or to perform other exercises. It is important in conditions of hypothermia to provide constant blood flow to the hands and feet. If the hunter was in the woods not alone, it is possible to warm the frozen limbs in the armpits.

If frostbite has occurred, it is impossible to massage the frostbitten part of the body, especially with the use of snow and ice. Frostbite is not allowed to drink alcoholic drinks and dramatically to warm the affected areas. Frostbite is a need to control the human condition, temperature, pulse, respiration. To sustain the frostbitten person should spend warming event, change wet clothing, warm with warm water or your body. If the victim has ceased to give life signs in addition to warming procedures, perform cardiac massage and artificial respiration.

To avoid problems with hypothermia and frostbite before nightfall hunters are required to assess the environmental situation and prepare for bed.

The first thing to do is to find appropriate shelter.

If people were left alone in a forest, for shelter, well suited ditch or trench. It is important to isolate with pine branches woven into the bottom of the trench. On top you can build a hut of snow slabs, vines and branches, thus providing reliable protection from the cold and wind.

A large pine tree in the snowy forest is a beautiful cover. In this embodiment, the bed on one side of the tree usually kindle a fire, and on the other, in the recess of the branches making my bed.

A great option shelter will cave dug in the deep snow. In this case it is important to understand the depth of the snow cover. Depending on the cave you can even cook your own meals, previously prepared vent.

The following is an example of a snow shelter is the Igloo. All the familiar semi-circular structure, created from cut-out layers of snow. Very good cover, unless of course you have a tool for building it (hacksaw).

Hacksaw if not, you can sculpt and build a snow Fort, as its all molded in childhood. The main condition, as when modeling a snowman, the snow must be «the center». Unlike the children’s version, this cover needed to the roof. For her, as the overlap will approach the branches, twigs, etc.

It is rather difficult shelter the hive. The main disadvantage is the necessary presence of a parachute, canvas cover or similar piece of fabric. If the hunter had everything you need, it hive is constructed as follows. Besieged by a bunch of branches, twigs and the like, covered with a tarpaulin, on top of all oblases snow. After removal of branches and cloth snow shelter is ready.

If the opportunity to build shelters there, you need to use to protect the pit, the terrain, trees, etc. the Only drawback of this option, even with good wind protection, this shelter is almost impossible to heat. While a small fire or even a candle can easily warm up a closed cave or Igloo, don’t forget about ventilation.

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