Learn to hunt the Chipmunk,choose the place and method of hunting

Learn to hunt the Chipmunk,choose the place and method of hunting

Wild animal Chipmunk, belongs to the genus of rodents of the squirrel family. In total there are about 25 species of these animals, most of which lives in North America. Only one species, the Asian or Siberian Chipmunk can be found in the regions of our country. Chipmunk is a rather small and slender animal whose elongated body and very fluffy tail. Life expectancy of animals in the environment is 2-3 years, in captivity 5-10. In case of danger, the animal emits a monosyllabic whistle, or gives a trill, which to some extent resembles a bird. During the onset of the mating period, the female screams for a «hook Creek,» and before the rain, all animals make a sound «surf — burrows». This sound and became the prototype name, which subsequently was given to this small animal.

This wild beast is a typical inhabitant of the woody forests. The choice of place of residence Chipmunk unpretentious. It is not necessary the presence of the already formed trees to life. The Chipmunk is quite satisfied with the accommodation in the thickets of birch, willow or cherry. At the same time, animals will never live in a clean tall forests or open places in which there is no undergrowth. Especially, chipmunks prefer places littered with branches or logs of trees, which you can quickly hide and escape from persecution.

Another mandatory requirement for the settlement of this animal is the presence of water in the immediate vicinity. For this reason, most chipmunks can be found along rivers, lakes or streams. In the winter these animals do not sleep so soundly as marmots and ground squirrels, and may from time to time to Wake up for eating.

Learn to hunt the Chipmunk,choose the place and method of hunting

Hunters believe Chipmunk is not a very good trophy. By itself, the Chipmunk is too small for hunting with a gun, and in winter he, as a rule, most of the time to be in a burrow in hibernation. At the beginning of autumn, the traces of this animal that strongly resemble a squirrel should be, can be seen in the forest or in open spaces. With the onset of cold weather, chipmunks arranged for the winter and therefore to get better with the arrival of spring. Some time ago, to hunt the Chipmunk was used blunt arrows and nylon loops. This little animal is highly Smirnou and if to scare him, he can try to climb too high on a tree and calmly watching as his neck, put on a loop.

This kind of hunting can not be attributed to production of high-grade hunting. Very often, the chipmunks running away from his pursuers and hide in the forest litter, burrows or crevices. In today’s world it is difficult to find fans of this particular fishery. Chipmunks in the forest a lot and the main supporters of this hunt are often guys that live in the taiga settlements. It is this area where hunting of these animals is well developed, is considered to be quite profitable and interesting occupation.

In April, the Chipmunk wakes up from hibernation and literally at the same time, in the animals rutting begins. During this period, the animals rush through the forest and at every step to hear their unique and long-lasting whistle. If you hide in a secluded place and sit for about an hour so you can easily see at least a dozen chipmunks. These animals can strongly shout before a bad weather, sitting at one place. Some of them make the sound similar to falling rain drops, something like kluck-Klyuch. In the spring, this is exactly the sound the animals come running from everywhere.

A hunter who uses a special whistle, maybe an hour to catch more than 20 chipmunks. Chipmunks will not jump on his knees to the man who calls them with a special device. In the process of luring the hunter lets out a long whistle of the male is short and the whistling of females at intervals of 15 seconds. The Chipmunk voice usually is heard far in the woods and by the sound of semolina in a hurry a lot of animals. As a catching tool you can use an ordinary rod with a length of about one meter, with a loop at the end. Hunter puts his stick over excited Chipmunk, puts the noose around his neck and tightens it. Excited call animals fall in the trap one by one.

The best time for fishing this morning, or afternoon. But such recommendations regarding hunting with a decoy and noose it is best to only use in the spring time of year. If hunting a Chipmunk is in the fall, the decoy and the loop is better to postpone and to use for hunting dog and shotgun. Such hunting according to the principle of execution will be substantially similar to the squirrel hunt. As this type of hunting involves extraction of the trophy in a close proximity, it is appropriate to use fractions 8 and 10.

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