Learn to equip ammo in the home

The last time hunters are increasingly turning to self-loading of cartridges for hunting. But not only beginners, but seasoned artists to find a good explanation of the proper gear is very simple. If benefits are issued and, in small quantities. In modern hunting stores you will still not be able to find the right amount of shot, cartridge cases, gunpowder, despite their constant price increase and it seems at first glance a rich assortment. All these factors are pushing hunters gear cartridges with their hands.

To home equipment cartridges usually resort to responsible hunting, especially important when the cartridge with raskinem or long-range combat. Do not use ammo of unknown origin. This can lead to adverse consequences both for hunting and for the health of the hunter. It is recommended to test a loaded gun before hunting in the area where you will not be able to cause harm to others. Do not take an old capsule, which expired shelf life, they can give unpredictable results. Buy them in one lot or in an extreme case — one year. The choice of the diameter of the sleeve is also responsible approach – it needs to match the diameter of the channel of the gun.

Equipping cartridges for weapons with grenade store in a tube shape, make sure that the edges of the shells is not performed. This will lead to the collision of the ball and igniting the capsule, during the shot can cause an explosion.

Equipment shotgun ammunition 12 gauge, take a brass casing, it is inserted into the cap, under which you can pour pea powder and add 1.45 g of powder. All this construction is close cardboard gasket (will fit 10 gauge), which is glued to the surface and be sent a felt wad. The fraction used under the number 7.

The bullet must be perfectly smooth surface, may have scratches, blemishes, burrs, or other defects. Gunpowder is also important not to overdo it. An excess will cause a strong sound and powerful impact that can knock a hunter off his feet, and the trunk is actually burst in his hands.

In the cartridge for long-range shooting apply the associated buckshot. This will help to make the shot at a distance of 50-60 meters. For this equipment need nylon thread, film, 2 cardboard wad, felt wad and gaskets.

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