Learn to control the spoon.

The learning process is taking Troll-bait in the winter is to master the techniques of selection and regulation of the spinners. Experts know that the shape of the spinner directly linked to the efficiency of management.

There’s a whole system, which consists of spinner, fishing rod and fishing line, which represent a complex harmony a fisherman.

If you will trust only the methods of the movements of the angler, it is unlikely to achieve much success, only taking into account the peculiarities of different lures you can count on the expected result.

You should consider a few basic techniques that play a key role in the management of the spoon. Buckling is the considerable distance that has baubles, requires lift that ensures smooth. To exercise lifting with a jerk, requires a direct baubles, although you should take into account the inertia, in such lures, the lift height may be less if the spinner having a longitudinal bend.

What should be the cords

The popularity of wicker woods, which are used by fishermen have penetrated into the sphere of winter fishing. If you want to reduce the influence of the scaffold on the effect of the spinners, jeopardize their hands, because a taut fishing line can cut your fingers even looking for a small weight fish.

A feature of many braided lines – ribbed surface, which contributes to a significant freezing of the ice, as a result, such fishing line freezes to the hole. Largely this contributes to a strong wind or light weight jig. Scaffold company «Fusion» is the best option of all the woven samples. Its smooth surface and high strength, the acceptable diameter of the undeniable advantages that allow rapid removal of fish without the risk of hurting your hands.

What does the tail of tee

Applying the lush plumage fishermen aim to increase the level of drag in the process of controlling the movement of the spinners. However, these actions threaten the condition of the corkscrew, which includes a spoon. You need to exercise extreme caution when fitting tee, adhering to this principle: the plumage should be a detail that attracts the fish, which has an additional value, thus little affecting the movement of the spinners.

Trolling and pause

The pause that happens when blesnenii can be crucial. Even leaving a hole into which is immersed the spoon later you can find that spinner is a good catch. You already don’t expect moving to another hole. Such situations quite often in the practice of fishing. Therefore, it is hardly necessary to constantly touch the line or underestimate a pause, even if it seems to you a great loss of time. And in fact, one of the most effective ways of trolling.

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