Learn to choose a good and comfortable hunting knife for yourself

Learn to choose a good and comfortable hunting knife for yourself

Choosing a hunting knife is always a very serious and responsible process. This can be explained by the fact that a good knife is always useful, and has a fairly high cost. And therefore, when buying should not take decisions in haste, better to carefully examine all aspects that will help you to get in the possession of a truly high-quality and decent hunting accessory.

For starters, you need to decide and understand for what purposes you will use this product. Cutting wood, cutting meat or other things for use of a knife can directly influence the choice of its characteristics, sizes, and metals manufacturing. During the inspection of different models, it is better to pay attention to the material quality used in the production of steel, the blade shape, length and of course the company producer.

It can be noted that the knife will be used for hunting, or for product processing of carcasses, may have significant differences of parameters and characteristics. The advantages and disadvantages of the product will also depend on the practical use of this accessory in a variety of situations-for hunting or fishing. There are several parameters on which it is necessary to pay attention in the selection process.

The first parameter is a choice of steel for a hunting knife. Only good high quality steel, will provide the opportunity to use the knife in various situations and conditions without losing its qualities. The use of mild steel may cause rapid grinding of any blade, and steel that has excessive hardness can cause embrittlement. To sharpen this knife in terms of hunting can be very difficult, while the product made of high quality steel.

It can be noted that steels which are used by world manufacturers of hunting or professional knives are almost identical. U.S. manufacturers and Germany used for the production of blade steel D2, in which there is the presence of chromium and vanadium. The Swedes used steel grade Sandvik12C27. Domestic manufacturers often turn to brands 440C and CPT-T-440C which have excellent durability and are well sharpened.

Knife length is not less important parameter of choice. It should be noted that it is best to have in your hunting knife with versatile characteristics and so the best option the length of the knife is 10-12 cm Short knife will not allow to solve non-standard tasks, and the blade too long, inconvenient to use and operate. If You expect Your hunting knife is the most suitable for cutting poultry, for these purposes, the best blade length 15 cm.

Learn to choose a good and comfortable hunting knife for yourself

The functionality of many hunting products directly depends on the shape. Today, Amateurs and experts identify several forms of blade – drop-point, clip-point, Bowie and Skinner. The form of drop-point are characterized by smooth decrease of the line blades. This knife can be attributed to cutting and piercing weapons at the same time. It will be ideal for hunting large sizes, for easy butchering, and skin. Legendary Clip point has a narrower blade and performs very different functions. Can come in handy if you need to open cans or sharpening a tent peg. Bowie is a pretty dangerous weapon, blade length of approximately 700-800 mm. Than the type of Skinner is the best option, if in the course of hunting is the need of butchering the obtained trophies. Very easy to cut thanks to the presence on the butt of a notch and a stop for the fingers of the hand.

Speaking of arms for hunting accessories it is impossible not to mention their structural diversity and to note that the best handle for cold hunting weapons have always been made of wood. All-metal handles also are popular due to its strength and great endurance to stress. However, for hunters they can be not the best solution, due to the fact that they can freeze to the hands and gloves, and not very comfortable when using on the hunt. Quite popular today hilt of ivory, leather, plastic and polymer formulations of various kinds. In any case, the shape of the handle and the material represent the individual choice of the hunter.

Today, there are a huge number of domestic and foreign manufacturers of hunting knives, offer products, whose value has no upper limit. And if You really want to buy a decent product, it is best to prepare in advance, to read the literature or ask advice from experienced professionals.

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