Learn how to shoot a gun with small-shot cartridges

Learn how to shoot a gun with small-shot cartridges

Most often used a lot of ammunition during exercises Skeet (flying target). Since this target is in constant motion, to get to it is very difficult, the first time without skills and skills practically impossible. The correct capture of the shooter of the warning, given the direction of the flying target is achieved by long and persistent training. Automaticity in the adoption of the necessary prevention is much more complicated, as is performed in multiple training and also shooter himself during the shooting of goal, can’t see Grabovogo flight of the projectile. The very same situation with aiming and shooting is rather difficult to assess because they do not see the flight of the projectile from shot. Thus, one cannot objectively assess all my mistakes. Only after grueling workouts, loss of strength, energy and a good memory, which helps the arrow to remember and practice the position of the gun relative to the target, the shooter begins to consciously control them.

Cardboard and a felt powder wad, cardboard wad, cushioning, lead cylinder, compressed black powder, Vilsack fired from small-caliber cartridge is all the components cartridge with tracer.

If the shooter already has experience in shooting and being able to see the flight of the projectile, he can evaluate the result of the shot, besides it will give the opportunity to adjust the sight and later shot himself. Flight of the fraction, which can be seen, not only allows the shooter to fire the arrow, but the work of the coach.

All the difficulties and nuances of shooting at a moving target prompted developers to create the tracer cartridge. The main difference between the ordinary and the patron, referred to, is inserted inside the tracer through the powder wad. Case shoot gilnockie cartridge of small caliber, small piece of lead, weighing about one gram and a compacted column of powder is all the components of the tracer. To start consistently vypressovyvaetsya black powder with lead, forming a flat end surface. The total pressure should not be large, because high pressure often leads to changes in the shape gilnockie, she’s just deformed. In the Central part of the powder wads make a small hole where you inserted the marker, holding it so that its cartridge case, he was sent down. It is the position of the tracer when fired, causes the ignition of the charge.

With the help of lead, which is on the track, shot the projectile according to a predetermined path without tumbling and wads, and the ignition of the black powder gives the opportunity to observe the flight routes.

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