Learn how to equip ammo for hunting at home

Learn how to equip ammo for hunting at home

The result of Your hunting very much can affect a battle Grabovogo gun. In turn to fight Grabovogo guns strongly affect the correct loading of cartridges.

Never use poor quality hunting ammunition, this applies, above all, gunpowder and the powder wads. Hence the conclusion — you need careful quality equipment and guns. This includes the selection of powder, primers, casings, and much more.

For the correct equipment You will need is the following:

1. Scale with weights from 0.05 to 20 grams. They need to determine the weight of smokeless powder and shot. To make it easier to work with small weights, you can buy a special oblong scales. If you work with conventional round cups, make a cone shaped funnel from paper.

2. Merc. You need it for black powder and sometimes shot. Remember, whichever powder you are used, the fraction is always measured on the scales. Will be enough for 3-4 grains in order to get a difference of about two to three grams. Only in rare cases, you can use the merc for the fraction.

3. Wooden Navolok. Best of all, if it is made of solid wood. You will need it to cardboard strips and felt wads. Navolok is produced only from the casings caliber.

4. Solid wooden cone. It is necessary for the straightening of mashed Dulac cartridges.

5. «Barclay», which You’ll need in order to remove the spent primer and insert a new one. Also, it will help with doilce wads when you equip the metal shell.

6. «Diana» — a device to insert new primers, as well as eliminate used. This device is much more efficient than Barclay. Diana consists of several specific parts:

— caliber cylinder (metal) with a hole that is designed for stefov;

two Stiva that you need to clean the primer out of the cartridge;

— a wooden hammer that is used to remove the used capsule and insert a new one;

— Navolok for wads;

metal watering can, through which are inserted wads of high caliber;

stand with a hole;

— plate, it is placed shells, the chambering of capsule.

7. Twist, which twist the edges of the sleeve.

8. The calibration ring.

The sequence of loading of cartridges:

1. The first thing You have to prepare the casings. Be sure to check for rust and oxidation and the integrity of the case.

If you find rust, be sure to remove it. Always take used capsule precalibrated all the shells. It is important to remember that curb the shells are in any case impossible to gauge!

2. Further in the paper shot cartridges out of a capsule, cone rectified battered Dulko.

3. With the help of a special device «Diana» is inserted in the capsule sleeves. If this device You have, you can handle it with the plate and avointa.

4. Then measure out the black powder, or smokeless were weighed.

5. After you desipite charge of gunpowder in all the shells, are clogging the gunpowder cardboard gasket (cardboard thickness must be 1,5-2 mm).

6. Then insert 2-3 pieces of wadding. If all the wads are proseline it will be the best option.

7. Further paved metered charge of shot on a powder wad.

8. After gently tapping ferrule nevolnichem, for that would gently settle a fraction.

9. If you use parkovye liner, be sure to screw them twists.

For heavier weapons need to search for more powerful charges of gunpowder, and much heavier projectiles fraction.

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