Learn gradually and correctly adjust rifles

Not many hunters know the concept of sighted weapons, so we about this today and decided to talk in more detail. Under adjust arms refers to the fact that the hunter, who uses it knows not only about possibility but also about the various features that are able to provide not only positive impact but also negative when used in different types of hunting. So let’s look at an example: you are the owner of the rifle, it does not matter, it is fitting, snap hook, tee or something else. Virtually all types of rifles there are two kinds of sights, but rather it is an open sight, which usually consists of three components, this is the front sight and rear sight, an optical sight (the second variant can be used as a Supplement). Today we will try to elaborate on how to properly adjust a rifle gun, using one of the above two scopes.

Let’s talk just a few words about the ammunition required for zeroing. Remember an important point, targeting the weapons should only those cartridges that in the future we plan to use more frequently. Other cartridges should only be used once you make the adjustment the main types of cartridges, while in Notepad, you should be sure to make a note of all the features that will be revealed when firing.

Before making the adjustment, you definitely need to develop a target, just want to say that to make it not so difficult, but still follow the rules that we now present to you. Take a sheet of paper preferably white paper the size of no less than 75×75 cm, draw the first circle with a diameter of twenty centimeters. This circle you need to paint with black paint, such target intended for public sight. After that you need to create the same target, only the circle should have a diameter of ten centimeters, this target required for zeroing of the optical sight.

When you are prepared for a basic sighting distance, you need to choose the distance of a hundred meters, though if you have a literature-in-arms, then you can learn what distance you can handle.

Sighting shooting should be conducted with the emphasis lying, the emphasis in any case should not be hard. The hunting gun should shoot to point of aim. If you choose shooting open sights, then you should choose the lower edge of the circle (most similar to the type used in sports shooting). In the future, after a few shots you need to determine the middle of the shift, and that it was easier, we recommend for each target to set the target point and circle it with two lines, lines have to be located both in horizontal and in vertical direction.

So, like with training we fully understand. Experts recommend the first shots for you to perform from a distance of 100 meters and closer, select a distance of 50 meters. Despite a very close distance, you need to carefully and slowly take aim, and then make just two shots. Maybe some hunters immediately the question arises, why should be zeroing at a distance of 50 meters, if the detailed zeroing should be conducted from a distance of 100 meters? The fact is that the line of sight may not coincide with the axis of the bore, and this means that from a distance of 100 meters, there is a possibility not to touch the target.

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