Laziness. Where can I find him in the spring?

Lin in the glorious family of white fish always stood to one side. He rarely goes in flocks. Very well camouflaged and violently resisted during playing. It is worth to mention one of the features of Ling survives in conditions that for other white fish can be considered extreme. Along with carp, eel and tench rotan lives and reproduces in conditions of low oxygen content in water and high temperatures.

Where you can meet Lin in the spring? In the spring, when we come with a fishing rod on the Sun-heated warm pond, a natural question arises: «Where can I find tench?»

A lot depends on what kind of pond you have chosen for the spring campaign on Lin.

The tench, like any other fish have favorite spots. At any time of the year is cautious and cunning fish prefers to stay in the thickets of aquatic vegetation: reeds, reeds, pondweed. These plants first appear at shallow depths. This means that in the spring tench are often found in Sun-warmed coastal waters of the pond.

Again, Lin careful, because near the shore to meet him is difficult. Shun Lin, and open areas. Its habitat is the border between the algae and the open water. If overgrown plants are not very thick or too lazy to keep the undergrowth.

All this is true, but a large role in the emergence of Lin on a particular area of the reservoir plays the character of the bottom. The body of Lin dark enough, so Lin rarely found on clay or sandy bottom. Most Lin loves places where the layer of silt ranges from 5 to 15 cm.

Why Il should be so thick? Such Il the line is easier to terminate, producing animal food. A thicker layer provides for the presence at the bottom of the decaying remnants of algae. The products of putrefaction deter almost any critter. Lin prefers not to risk it. Moreover, a thick layer of silt is warming up a little longer.

In places where large reservoirs exist ducts, Ling, especially large ones come to feed there. He holds the frontier, in deep, open space to go often. According to the observations of fishermen from my village, the spring Lin laziness is often included in small rivers which are closer to moderate and weak. There he also kept covered with vegetation edge at depths of up to meters.

In the small lowland lakes, where Lin’s enemies are absent, and differences in depths are not large, Lin can be found throughout the waters of the reservoir. If such reservoirs competitor of the Lin single – carp, tench will not be attached to vegetation. He moved quietly, sometimes jointly with carp in a pack. With him to eat.

In large lakes and reservoirs, where Lin hunt pike, walleye, perch and other predators, the behavior of the Lin more careful. From the bushes he goes out very rarely, biting his careful and quite rare. And if the pond usual, and even carp, tench becomes invisible and quiet as the invisible man.

Look for tench in the spring is difficult, but interesting. And even more interesting to catch tench, but how exactly you do this I’ll tell another time.

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