Laziness is a moron and winter is caught

A gambler and a skillful fisherman, the writer Sergei Aksakov believed that the fish called that name because it is similar with the word «lazy». Indeed, well-fed, calm fish love peace and spend time, standing in the thick algae.Laziness is resistant to small levels of oxygen in the water, maybe that’s why he’s so clumsy, but it turns out, and winter bite.

A completely different version of the origin of the name suggests that laziness on the shore quickly turns Golden in a spotted, so acts at his appearance air. Many believe that the fish sheds, and that the name is Lin.

On line you can hunt and winter. Good bite on the first ice and at the end of winter. In gluhozime bite promises to be intense. Look line need where there is food and familiar place – rich growth. Knowing this, the fisherman will still have to drill more than one hole, and sometimes a dozen. The hole is better positioned in a semicircle at a distance of one meter between them. Rods also need to equip not one, but two, or five, can be a little more.

Hunt Ling on a jig, choosing a solid line. The sinker can serve as a common pellet. The rod should be with a nod, then bite will be detected from a distance. To attract tench can treat it like a dung worm or Motyl. It feeds on Ling and winter algae, mollusks, insect larvae. Bloodworm, you can stick several. Winter laziness sits deep, so the lure should be put on the bottom and play it.

Alone Lin lives in summer and in winter it is interesting under water in the company. Line find a hole or mud bottom to bury there. For this reason, the hook should be above the sludge is not higher than one inch, the fish does not raise the head. In the wintering grounds of the Lin need to slip the bait with a strong scent. This could be porridge with a drop of fragrant oil, grain, a good steaming. Laziness loves cheese. You can prepare a small destanie pieces with vanilla, which must add quite a bit.

In the cold time, slow down all processes in almost all living organisms, the same is happening with Lin. Adult fish can survive the winter without food, because it comes to the season, having accumulated enough fat.

The body of the Lin loose, with such small scales that they are invisible. The fish is very delicious, its meat is tender, white. Bones at Lin small. Representatives of this breed of fish loves to go out for food from his refuge on a Sunny day without wind. The weather is comfortable for the fisherman.

The size of prey the angler can reach up to 300 grams, but there are individuals and even a five-kilogram-pound. With the big, growing up to 70 cm have to fight to get out of the hole. Fish fighting for yourself until the last minute. Very often, laziness comes from the fisherman, breaking even the strongest fishing line.

Fishing for tench in any season only by a very patient fisherman. One bite of this fish sometimes reaches time to 15 minutes. Lazy play or lazy to take the bait, but that has the patience of a fisherman – that’s for sure.

Despite the fact that fishing aimed at catching tench, not very rich on the catch, it becomes popular among anglers for its complexity and fascination.

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