Laziness. Features of the existence and terms of catching

The tench is a fish of small, dark-Golden scales. Males of tench are very different from females. Amateur catches Lin usually weighing up to 2 kg, although it may be 7 kg.

Lin lives more often in netrelief waters and valley reservoirs. Tench can be found in creeks and canals, in areas with lots of silt and low flow. To detect Lin just need to look at where moving plants, muddy water, float on the surface of air bubbles. Lin prefers to be in places where there are: hwashi, Urrutia, pondweed, bulrush, arrowhead.

Habitat tench

His place of residence laziness never changes. It hibernates in deep places, no matter the lake or river. Wintering Lin ends until March-April. The output of the Lin to the floodplain for spawning is the beginning of the stay of the water in the meadows.

The earliest time of spawning is from late April to mid-may. The period depends on the age of tench and living conditions. The optimum water temperature spawning no less than 20 C, so fishing for tench in different lakes (North and South) are so different.

Wintering pit is the best place to catch tench. In the spring it is best to do fishing near the mouths. In the summer most attractive places for fishing near the refuge. The chosen place needs to be deep and clayey.

Fishing for tench

Fishing line fishing rod with a float has some complexity. Since Lin likes thickets, to prevent tangling rods, stands in front of the fish to clear the bottom. This can be done easily if you have a device, like a dredge.

Best conditions for catching tench are warm, slightly dark days and primatene water. Clear weather is suitable only in the afternoon or evening. The fishermen also claim that in spring fishing for Ling the required clear weather without wind, summer is hot, autumn is the best cloudy, without precipitation. If the weather is going to change dramatically (before the storm, a downpour, a sudden decrease of the water level), it is laziness from the lure will follow suit.

It is important for a successful fishing Lin the behavior of the fisherman. A novice angler when fishing begins to fish with a heavy head, hoping for a quick catch. However, Ling fish difficult. Sitting on the bottom, she sees everything that happens on the shore, so the fisherman says quickly, and, therefore, is in a secluded safe place. Proper fishing involves the disguise of a fisherman. You should remove the sinker and attach a float is a transparent hollow balloon. Then release the nozzle into the water and let it quietly moving downstream, so that the current took the bait to the alleged hiding place of Lin.

The choice of the fishing Lin

The angler must know that to get closer to the place where Lin is gently, quietly, without waving a fishing rod, trying to stay relative to the sun or sideways or in front. This will allow you to avoid shadows on the water, scaring the fish. One should not wear on a fishing trip bright clothes. While catching tench bait is recommended to put on special holders.

Bait for catching tench

Bait for the tench , too selective, and the fish. You should have different attachments. Big head is not a guarantee of catching a big fish.


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