Knives what is better domestic or foreign production

Among hunters, go a lot of different and interesting legends and myths about wizards and knives. All these legends and myths are transmitted from each hunter for a very long time, and today are considered true stories. Stories about knives replenished every day. For example, the master Samsonov in the last century forged a bearish daggers. To date, the new masters of the knife case trying to copy the daggers Samsonov.

The myth that is related with bear blades is that these blades were in great demand, they valued and were very expensive. Only a sincere and true hunter could afford them.

In fact, the price of these knives ranged from 15 to 20 rubles. That is much cheaper than the Tula rifles. Today, the price remained about the same. Now this knife is about 60 to 70 dollars. But do not think that a hunter goes to hunt only with this dagger. That would be suicide. Usually, the bear must go with a weapon that will not allow the beast to reach you.

Knives for hunting produce almost every country in the world. So, if you look at the knives of the canadian production, they have the typically American design. But the Nordic than going as a screwdriver. First is a wooden arm, then puts on weight, where to provernutsya hole and in this hole zakladivaetsa tail blade. This type of knife is unreliable. The tail can be loosened, the blade falling out. But these knives were made in the last century. Now, in the manufacture of knives used epoxy glues and secure attachment to handle.

Today, many countries produce a lot of cheap knives. So did in the last century. When this knife broke, it didn’t repair, just throw it away and buy a new one. In countries

North American knives are made differently. They do not skimp on iron, because it is a lot, and installation of knife they have a plate, be it a knife for cutting bread or for hunting. On this knife you will find only two or a maximum of three rivets that securely hold the blade in a wooden handle. Also the handle was made of bone or years, thereby making the knife long lasting.

In many countries, even a hunting knife used in everyday life, and therefore in the manufacture of such knives, you should pay attention to the mounting arm.

If you decide to buy a hunting knife, you should carefully review all of the fixtures, the thickness of the steel and the convenience of the handle.

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