King or herbivorous grass carp fishing

Carp belongs to family Cyprinidae fishes and feed exclusively on water, or caught in water plants. When a sufficient amount of feed she can reach a weight of thirty five kilograms and the length to five feet. But interest in the fish from the fishermen, not only because of its size. Catch this representative herbivorous fish a difficult task, especially if the food in the pond a lot and this is what attracts the most fishing lovers.

Search of Cupid

Search for this fish, as the fishing is no easy task. Stumble on carp is possible only in places of its artificial breeding. Where it is diluted for sale or to combat aquatic vegetation. For example, in irrigation canals, reservoirs and others.

The best time to catch a Cupid is autumn, however, the water temperature should not fall below twelve degrees. At sunrise or sunset, without making extra sounds need to come to the chosen place of fishing. Noises easily scare the fish, and she goes to another place.

Arriving at the pond need to find a place with a rich aquatic vegetation. These areas are best suited for catching small Amur. Large specimens of this fish are kept in the deepest places of the lake.

Tackles for catching carp

Small Cupid you can catch an ordinary float rod. The large specimens will have to buy the plug or mast rod.

Plug. For fishing medium size suitable rod with a length of four meters. Rubber with a thickness of half a millimeter and leash with a diameter of fifteen tenths of a millimeter. Trophy fish require a thirteen foot rods with thicker equipment. The hook is put from the seventh to the tenth of accommodation depending on the expected catch.

Mast pole. Almost any mast rod equipped with as well as float rod, due to the presence of the clutch on the reel to cope with Cupid, does not weigh more than three pounds.

What to catch carp

If you use only vegetable baits, corn, cucumbers, green peas, more chances to catch this fish. If fishing is only for carp, the list of baits you can include bloodworms and maggots. This will not be deprived of the opportunity to catch this fish, but will significantly reduce the chance.

Bait for carp

The peculiarity of the Amur is that he is very well nourished. And, apparently, it attracts not only the food itself, but also the noise produced by it during the fall. It follows that the lure of the Amur river is needed throughout the fishing, but gradually reducing portions, so as not to overfeed the fish.

As bait excellent results show store the mixture. But their choice will depend on the places of fishing, weather conditions and, as a rule, determined empirically. Homemade bait can be made of cereals, milk powder and crushed seeds. Arriving at the pond to add local seaweed. The Amur river to the soul of the granular bait, which sank to the bottom, creating a muddy pillar.


At poklevke the Amur immediately swallows the bait, and therefore not hesitate, but instantly to do the cutting. Caught fish should slowly pull up, not allowing her to make a throw or reversal. Otherwise, the rest of Cupid, fearing to leave this place.

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