Karasin nostalgia

The majority of anglers often float before the eyes the picture: early morning, village pond, enveloping the thick fog and the first caught Karasik. And though philosophers have argued that step twice into the same river is impossible, many are still trying to do this from time to time. Because of the silver or Golden carp and started getting to know this great fishing.

Carp are not that fish, which would be worth to wind hundreds of kilometers, as it can be found in almost every reservoir, even in the wetlands. Carp are usually passive in the derivation and choice of tackle on the principle that the thinner the better is appropriate. However, it should be considered that the size of carp can vary from small to large. Besides it is not excluded that the bait may be interested in other, very reputable representatives of the fish Kingdom. And therefore the snap-in you need to use not only very sensitive but also quite durable.

Because the smell of this fish is well developed and odorous bait they can feel from a distance, the standard store-bought foods will not be superfluous to add flavors. What is a matter of taste. Not as many fishermen, how many carp living in the pond. And then in front of the angler opens up unlimited possibilities for creativity, because there are known cases when carp have attracted even a rag moistened with kerosene. Fortunately, not all representatives of the Kingdom Karasin such refined gourmets and some are quite content with the smell of anise, fennel or hemp. So do not hesitate to experiment. Complementary feeding – it is, in General, a simple, if only to know the measure and not to adhere to the principle «porridge oil will not spoil». Sometimes an extra handful of the lure is enough to just mess up the whole mess.

Relative to the nozzle carp are not very fussy, so wise, and come up with something new no need. In addition to worms, bloodworms and maggots on whatever may be at hand. For example, pieces of cheese, barley, corn, or even a crust of black bread. By the way, thanks to this simplicity, this fish attracts many anglers from childhood. Besides, as already mentioned, carp are found almost everywhere. In all lakes, ponds, oxbows of rivers and even swamps, where, apparently, life is simply unthinkable. That fish opened the way to great fishing for many anglers. Who can forget that wonderful time when the morning or evening, as boys, we spent hours sitting on the banks of village pond. With a heavy wooden stick in his hand and kneaded bread crumb to another, we with incredible enthusiasm were pulled from the water miniature carp, which at the time seemed huge. Since then many years have passed, and are cut out of hazel rods are replaced by light composite, and the good old fishing line a finger’s width became thin and durable. But the joy in the eyes of the boys remained the same, and today they face their dawn, hoping to outsmart a couple of crucians. However, in the fish of all lovers, regardless of age. Gold or silver Karasik, as before, is the consolation for the old and hope for the young.

Some illiterate fishermen consider carp worthy of the attention of fish.

They see it as shallow and lazy fish that is not worth wasting time. However, Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneyev described species in five or seven pounds weight. In dealing with such «monsters» not every fisherman will be the winner. Don’t forget about the carp — close relatives of goldfish. As befits relatives, they live in the neighborhood and may also be tempted by the treats on the hook. Then hold!


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