Ka catching grayling on spinning

In order to catch grayling on the spinning rod, fishing need:

• have enough information about the fish: where it is found and its power;

• master the skills and the principle of fishing;

• to prepare the bait for the fish;

• pick up spinning.

But even if you do it right, not always there is a good catch. And all because fish grayling is quite clever and careful. Since it has amazing powers of observation and alertness, can «fool» any fishing.

The bait for this fish are: larva, crustaceans, mollusc. Experienced fishermen use small lure – the spinner, but only during the special activity of the fish.

How will fish in similar situations, cannot predict even the most experienced fisherman. There are times when the fish just are not paying attention to the lure and sometimes is very aggressive, and immediately pounces.

Let’s also understand, how to catch a grayling on a spinner?

For fishing with spinning, it is recommended to use light tackle, and bait is to take a micro fan or use 2-3 cm lures. Light tackle will be convenient for easier and more could throw tackle. The most suitable length up to 2 meters and the line it is best to take the braided line, the diameter of which should be to 0,12-0,14 mm

Also, the important role fishing plays a weather forecast. Before you go fishing, you should know the weather forecast because fish are very sensitive to temperature changes and biting may not be permanent.

The feature that the power of fishing with spinning – it’s slow baubles. This possibility gives the best effect when catching fish. And fisherman, chose this forest will remain with a good catch.

There is another way to catch grayling. To fish for grayling to the bait.

In the winter, grayling goes to quiet places, to the depth of the river. In this case, for grayling fishing, you can use a float rod and as bait is a simple a piece of foam. But still, the best bait is a worm.

As the fish bite carefully, the angler needs to be ready, even at the slightest twitch to do the cutting.

But, you also need to know that fishing will need a stiff rod with rings by conduction disorders. Because grayling with the flow of the river can be quite strong.

This article describes how to grayling fishing with a rod or by spinning», and that the fisherman will need for a successful catch. This article can be very helpful for a person who wants to become an experienced fisherman.

What a catch of grayling is the most effective? Fishing with bait or spinning?

1. Which method is best chosen by the angler. Because it is necessary to consider the conditions and the fishing spot.

2. Winter is the most suitable option is a fishing rod.


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